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| 10/04/2021

works just as reported

These are working great. The straw is long enough for the large water bottles, 26oz size. The flip top and straw make these much easier to use in the car. I always take a bottle in the car, two if traveling all day for business.
| 07/27/2021

Not for straw biters

I regret not reading the reviews. If you or your child are straw biters, I highly do not recommend. Rubber mouth piece is already peeling in the first hour of use.
| 07/22/2021

The lid is soft towards end

Nice lid but the end is soft and after use by child it eventually started falling apart. I’m sure it would hold up longer with adult use. Maybe they will make one with all hard plastic in the future !
| 07/16/2021

Pay attention to the title!! Water bottle lid!!

I was pretty dim. I thought there were only 2 types of bottle and didn’t pay attention to the water bottle label. There are 3 types of lids. On the regular bottle has a wide mouth and regular mouth. Both are bigger than the 16oz, 20oz and 26 oz WATER BOTTLE 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️. RTIC I really need a 40 oz regular bottle straw top lid please!! Looks like a great top and I already ordered another bottle for the lid but 26 oz is smaller than I like
| 07/11/2021

So convenient

The flip top cap is so convenient and easier than twisting off the top every time. I had to get everyone in my family a flip top.
| 07/07/2021

Great spout

works great!!
| 07/05/2021

Flip top cap

This flip top straw lid is great. No leaks my favorite for my water bottle
| 06/30/2021

Nice at first but broke quickly

I bought the open flow flex top for my son’s water bottle. We loved it at first but the loop on top broke within two months with only occasional use. I’m disappointed it wasn’t more durable.
| 06/28/2021

Child Chewed straw

The overall quality is good, but my 4 year old decided to chew on the straw causing the outer rubber and inner plastic to split. It still functions, but deformed!
| 06/21/2021

Do not bite

Although it is tempting, the appendage will break. If the title is followed the lid works.
| 06/14/2021

Love it but…

This lid is exactly as described and fits my water bottle very well. The only problem I have is that when I use the lid (suck on it) it emits a very high pitched and annoying whistle. I’ve tried several different things in an attempt to stop the whistle, but alas the whistling continues. Love the lid as I said just wish it was quieter.
| 06/10/2021

Gonna be honest...

I'm gonna be honest. I wasn't blessed with a small nose, nor do I have a ton of money to fix my nose. That being said, I've tried the other lids and this is the one that really worked for me. Laugh all y'all will, but others like me who know the struggle will hopefully relate. The other lids made it really uncomfortable and awkward to drink out of unless you have a teeny tiny nose...just saying..
| 06/09/2021

great cap

great cap
| 04/03/2021

Broke 3 already

Bought them for kids for school and they have broken 3 already. The plastic is not durable enough
| 04/02/2021
| 03/28/2021


The lids were great they’re made of good quality and are exactly what I asked for for working out at the gym they conveniently stay on the whole tight to allow no leaking would recommend them to my friends
| 03/25/2021


I agree the flip top is rubber and children chew it . Even adults bite it They should redesign these to be hard plastics . I spent over $200 on bottles and half of them are ruined on the flip. I contacted them and their answer was to buy more $7.99 for 15 bottles . I don’t think so .
| 03/23/2021


It would be really nice if you could select which top you want when you order a bottle rather than spend an extra few bucks to get the lid you want, knowing full well that you will never use the top it came with. I do love how long they keep your drink cold and they are very well built and I think giving this additional feature of customization would be amazing.
| 03/02/2021


These are good. Can afford to buy them when they are on sale. Normally too expensive.
| 02/28/2021


We really like the bottles we got for our kids but the lid has already broken. I came apart where the bottom half was stuck in the bottle. Wish it was more durable.
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