Water Bottle Lid, Open Flow FLEX Top Image
Water Bottle Lid, Open Flow FLEX Top Image
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Water Bottle Lid, Open Flow FLEX Top Thumnail Water Bottle Lid, Open Flow FLEX Top Thumnail

Water Bottle Lid, Open Flow FLEX Top


Water Bottle Lid, Open Flow FLEX Top

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Water Bottle Lid, Open Flow FLEX Top

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Based on 31 Reviews

| 09/15/2020

Flip screw cap

This product works great , I recommend to anyone on the go
| 09/11/2020


Caps work great - only problem is the rubber tip on the lids deteriorate and become gummy. Need to sell just the spout tips or change design to just a hard plastic and throw away those rubber tip spouts.
| 09/11/2020
I bought these to add to the 16 oz water bottles I got for my kids. My 4 and 2 yr old can open these just fine and the best part is the lid don’t leak water everywhere even when tipped over. We didn’t have any problems with the air hole like other reviewers mentioned, ours worked just fine. Would purchase again!
| 09/08/2020

great product

purchased top and straw for my child's container. He is able use indepently and he enjoys. This water bottle is for his use at school and the lid/straw combo makes it less likely for him to spill.
| 09/05/2020


My purchase was delivered very quickly. Me and my husband love our new coffee cups. Also got a 30 oz. hot or cold beverages. I have to drink a lot of water and it stays cold with ice in it for 24 hrs. Love all RTIC Products!!!😍❣😇
| 09/05/2020


This is something that I use daily and would be lost without it!! Thank you, RTIC, for making such a wonderful product!! I am on the go from sunup until bedtime most days and this is something that I could not survive without.
| 09/03/2020

Quality lid

I think there was a manufacturing defect with one of the lids, and my kids found it. RTIC immediately helped me out and the three lids I have now are taking a beating daily and keep working like the day they were made. I'm incredibly happy with this product and everything I've bought from them. I can honestly say they have a customer for life.
| 08/25/2020


Please make this so that will fit the 64oz jug!!
| 08/20/2020


Good quality. Followed the advice of a previous reviewer and made the air hole larger so you can get a drink easier. Inserting a paperclip works instantly. Cuts down on the noise too. Would be nice if the manufacturer would improve the air hole size so this wouldn't be necessary.
| 08/14/2020

Leakproof lid

I got these for my children to put on their water bottles. They love that they don’t have to take the lid off to get a drink (the youngest always looses it). I love that so far it’s been leakproof. Overall a wonderful addition to the water bottle.
| 08/07/2020


I like the variety of lids available for the water bottles. My favorite is the flip top lid...so much better than having to unscrew the cap each time to get a drink. Thank you...will certainly be purchasing more.
| 08/05/2020

Rctic for the win.

Im here to buy more and decided to write a review. This thing is awesome. Keeps my drinks cold all day (and night if I werent to refill it). Doesnt sweat a drop! Just as good as hydro-youknowwhat for way cheaper. Thinking about buying one of the gallon ones cuz I'm so impressed... Just gave one of the tumblers with a decal (which btw sticks surprisingly well on the matte finish and looks AMAZING) so well see how it compares to this bottle.
| 08/03/2020

like the flexibility with the tops.

Flip top is great for our hikes and enjoy the open flow for relaxing on the beach.
| 07/24/2020

Open Flow Top

Love the open flow top! I put it on my new bottle and it fits perfectly! It closes completely, so when I add flavoring to my water and need to shake it to mix it, it does not leak.
| 07/23/2020

Works great!

I really love this lid. Works great! You just need to remember to close it if you lay it down so it won’t leak. I love all rtic thought.
| 07/17/2020

My favorite

These are my favorite tops for water bottles! They were out of stock for such a long time! The quality is very good! I love that I don't have to tilt my head back and can drink from any position because of the straw! I use those small brushes (used for stainless steel straws)to clean when needed.I highly recommend this top! You won't be disappointed
| 07/16/2020


The pull top works great. I went to order another one and was sorry to learn they were sold out and I had to settle for a flip top. I hope it works as well as the pull top.
| 07/12/2020

Fits perfect

Sippy lid for my water bottle makes staying hydrated easier and less messy. No need to unscrew the lid.
| 07/09/2020

Excellent water bottle lid for the summer!

This is an excellent choice for a summer drink lid! Nothing like sipping ice cold water from your water bottle on a 90 degree day! This lid will do it...
| 07/09/2020

Easy To Use

I wanted the convenience of not having to take the top off to drink so I thought I'd try the flip-top. Now my kids want to replace their tops with the flip-top. Works well, no leaks so far and it still has the carabiner loop on it.
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