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| 10/06/2021


Perfect for school and sports.
| 10/05/2021


Amazing color and the size is exactly what I was hoping for. Easy to carry around in my small fjällräven backpack! I immediately went and used it for cold water and the temperature lasted a good full day!
| 09/29/2021


| 09/28/2021


Its so amazing omg
| 09/05/2021

best water bottle i’ve bought

i bought this because all my previous water bottles had caps that were hard to clean so they got moldy easily. i love this bottle because the cap is really easy to clean and the opening isn’t too big where i feel like i’m gonna spill water all over myself. the maroon color is also so pretty. will be purchasing again
| 08/07/2021

26 oz Water Bottle

I purchased this water bottle after reading the reviews of others, and at first, I was skeptical. I thought, ok, I have seen other reviews that state the same thing about other products that I have bought. So I purchased one for myself to use at work, and I was impressed. The ice lasted for at least 2 days in a hot shop, and I left it in my car; the bottle was hot to the touch, but yet again, it still had ice in it with cold water. Even the top of the water was still as cold as the rest of it was. So with that being said and tried, I bought two more of them, one for my wife and one for my mom, so that they have good water bottles also. I would recommend these bottles for anybody if they ask about a water bottle.
| 08/04/2021

Liked water bottle but not straw lid

Water bottle was great, but ordered for kids to take to school to use. Straw lid was hard to suck through for an adult much less a child.
| 07/11/2021

Save the enviroment

I love my water bottle. I have 2 bottles and gifted many to family members. My niece has the 26oz and used it for college and takes it every day to work. I just got one for my nephew's graduation. My daughter and I just used ours all week at the beach. The ice lasted and water stayed cold all day. Very durable. Top off with a flip lid and good to go.
| 07/07/2021

Love it

It was everything I was expecting. Hoping to find a tumbler w a straw and glitter but, more colors to choose from. Like RED. Thanks again I love it !!!!
| 07/07/2021

Love this

No condensation, stays cold for hours and hours! Will definitely get a few more.
| 07/07/2021

Great water bottle!!

Well worth the money!!
| 07/06/2021

Love it!

Bought one for both of my kids and they love them! Perfect size for school and sports! We LOVE all of our products we have purchased.
| 07/05/2021

Water bottle

OMG I love this water bottle! It keeps my drinks cold for hours. I left it in my car overnight with ice it was still there the next afternoon. The color was awesome it’s slender so it fits into any cup holder.
| 07/05/2021

20 ounce water bottle

I love this water bottle I also purchased the 26 ounce love them both but when I want a smaller bottle this is my choice keeps all my drinks nice and cold for hours.
| 07/04/2021

Good product

Loved the product , the cooler was nice. Definitely looking forward to buying more.
| 07/04/2021

Tough and Refreshing cold

I am a landscaper in Texas! Summer heat here is brutal. My Rtic mug never disappoints! It is in the sun the whole time and always stays cold. My mug gets bumped around and even has some dents, but still remains durable. Thank you for making an Affordable product that does what it says!!
| 06/26/2021

20oz water bottle

Got one for my husband and I. We love them and would buy again as gifts.
| 06/25/2021

20!ounce water bottle

Was really surprised on how long the water stayed cold. Definitely recommend this product.
| 06/25/2021

Great can

Great product, does what it is advertised to do!
| 06/23/2021

Love it

I love my sparkle bottle.. Love anything that sparkles but it is a great water bottle and holds the ice for a long time and keeps your water really cold.
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