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| 04/01/2021
I have purchased and used several of the bottles and coffee cups. They are all great.
| 03/28/2021

Very happy with all RTIC products that we have bought

We have the large RTIC cooler and really like it, so when we saw the RTIC bottles and what a great price. We bought a few of them. Very happy with the quality and price.
| 03/21/2021

Water bottle

Sturdy bottle with good seal on srew cap. Very pleased.
| 03/07/2021


I own 3 of these water bottles and I love them so much.
| 02/26/2021

Impressive Products

These water bottles are fantastic. They are relatively tall, however, the slim design allows for a good fit in most cup holders. I would opt for the add on top (easier to drink in the car, on the go etc.). I left mine out in my Jeep when it was below zero, obviously the water forward to sitting in my house at 68* room temp, the ice was STILL there four days later. Pretty incredible if you ask me. I definitely recommend RTIC products. I have two water bottles, two jugs, and two coolers and I've been impressed with all of them!
| 02/19/2021

Nice at first, didn't last.

I purchased this for my wife and it worked great at first, she loved it and has it covered in stickers. Sadly it only lasted a year before it lost insulation and now sweats badly and won't keep cold. It's hard to argue with the price but if you're not looking for more longevity maybe go a different route.
| 02/15/2021

bigger than stated

It works just fine, doesn't fit because it is larger than the dimensions given.
| 02/14/2021

Nice and tall

I take this with me horseback riding and it fits nicely in my saddlebag with the optional sipper lid, which I prefer...My husband prefers the screw off lid it comes with. Keeps water nice and cold which is a blessing on a long hot ride. Please bring your manufacturing to the United States - I was disappointed to learn these are designed in the US but made in China.
| 02/12/2021


My 2 year old absolutely loves the bottle with the sports top!! Easy for him to lear how to use doesn’t leak and fits in his car seat cup holder! Perfect purchase 10%
| 02/10/2021

Bad taste

When drinking out of the bottle, it tasted like metal
| 02/07/2021

Great Bottle

Love the bottle!! Keeps things cold and ice lasts also.
| 01/30/2021

I want to give 5 stars but...

First, let me say that I love these bottles. I have bought several times for personal use and as gifts. I would love to give 5 stars but the cap. The cap is the only problem. The handle will snap, when dropped. I was shocked & disappointed when I dropped a pretty full bottle & the handle broke. I recommend a soft, flexible handle & then it would be perfect!
| 01/28/2021

5 Stars

I love the RTIC products! Great value. Great quality and the arrive at your home in a timely manner, not the case with other online stores. I highly recommend!
| 01/26/2021

10/10 would recommend

so my aunt recently gifted me an RTIC water bottle and I have completely fell in love! this water bottles keeps my beverages really cold (so cold it will hurt your teeth) and i haven’t experimented with hot beverages yet but i will someday. for me if you keep the lid fairly tight this bottle will keep you drink cold for 6 hours or even longer! the 16oz is great for smaller children very easy to lunge around wherever you go! I hope to upgrade my water bottle one day to a even bigger size! ((( And i think this would be cool but like under accessories i think RTIC should post some reasonably priced Waterproof stickers because everywhere else i have looked they are on the pricey side))) thanks for reading! - mc
| 01/25/2021

Winner winner chicken dinner

By far my favorite bottle
| 01/23/2021

Happy with this bottle

I really enjoy having this water bottle - it is easy to store in my backpack or just carry around. It keeps hot water HOT and cold water COLD. I love the slate color too!
| 01/21/2021

It’s amazing

It works great for my kids! Water stays cold and last a while fewer refills do to size and it durable been dropped, accidentally thrown out of a back pack no dents keeping cold!
| 01/21/2021

Pretty color

Such a pretty color in person. Small difference in shine for the tumbler but love it as a person who doesn’t like very colorful objects.
| 01/17/2021

Christmas gifts

I ordered 18 of these for employees. Quick shipping, great color selection. Employees love them, handle on top cracked on a mint water bottle, did not check every individual box when I received them.
| 01/13/2021


I gave these to my adult children for Christmas and they love them!
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