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| 10/20/2021

Quality Product for the Price

Good quality for the price. I purchased two and they’re superior to other beach chairs I’ve owned over the years. They’re nicely sized as I’m 6’4 and prefer a little extra room. The arm storage is also a nicer touch than most. The lack of colors/pattern options is disappointing.
| 06/10/2021

Should be good for a season.

Very good adjustability, I am 6’4” 365# and it supported me just fine for the week at the beach. I sat in it from 10am until sunset drinking for 5 days. It’s low, no getting around that, my simple solution for us taller people is to kick or scoop a hole/ footrest in front of you when you sit down in the sand. You are low enough when your legs are parallel to the ground while sitting. Easy to stand up from there! If you sit down easy (no suplexing) I expect this to last one season at the cost of 65$. I have two more weeks at the beach to go. Will keep you updated.
| 04/01/2021

Decent while it lasted

The description says this chair is rated for 300lbs. That may be true of the seat but definitely not for the back. I weight significantly less than 300lbs (225ish) and the back cracked and then broke where the mounting bolts for the arms go through. This was after 3 long weekend trips down to the gulf. After the 2nd weekend it was significantly bent (basically partially reclining even when in the most forward position) and as the frame continued to crack the armrests began to tilt outward due to excessive play, causing accelerated deterioration of the backrest frame. Some reinforcement at the areas where the frame is drilled would significantly improve the design. The fabric material seems extremely durable as do the arms. If it wasn’t for the light material used for the frame this would be a 5 star chair that would last many years. To give more context I own numerous RTIC products and this is my only negative review.
| 01/25/2021

Beach Chairs, Hamptons

This is a great chair and the buying process was simple and hassle free. I had given these chairs as gifts and I was not disappointed in the quality and construction. Highly recommend this chair and this Company.
| 11/30/2020


This chair is EVERYTHING! Comfortable, sturdy, and lightweight. Perfect for my husband and I. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these chairs!
| 07/05/2020

Tired of sharing

I recieved my new Beach chair as a birthday gift. This chair out performs all other beach chairs as it withstands overweight people, repositions easy. I purchased 2 more as soon as they came back in stock.
| 09/04/2019

Quality is Excellent

These are a great value. The chair is light enough to carry easily, but sturdy. They recline nicely. The canvas is heavier weight than I expected, so a nice surprise. They have an odd carrying strap that we do not use, since there is a hand hold cut out of one of the wooden arms. We now have 6 of these for dock chairs, and I expect a long service life given the very good build quality.
| 04/28/2019

Great Chair

Just got my chairs. Love them. Very comfortable. Love that it’s higher than most beach chairs. Love them
| 04/24/2019
Super chairs. Light for carrying. Very sturdy to sit in. Love that it reclines but the best part is that it’s not too low so much easier to get in & out of!
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