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Ratings & Reviews for 20 QT Hard Cooler


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| 11/16/2021

So Far So Good

Little cooler has worked well so far. Easy to haul and move around and much less than the competition. Keep in the shade when you can and it does the job!
| 11/11/2021

RTIC 20QT Compact Hard Cooler

We love the coolers! I uploaded our company logo to go on the lid of the coolers - I was skeptical to see the finished product, but they turned out great and arrived just in time for our company Christmas party!
| 10/24/2021

Great cooler!!

This is my second Rtic cooler. My first was a 45 quart, and it’s definitely still one of the best brands out there! I drive for ups in Louisiana heat and I still have ice the next day! Highly recommend this cooler!
| 10/20/2021

Very nice

Very true, worth it.
| 10/14/2021

The best cooler that I have owned

I own two RTIC coolers. They are wonderful coolers. They keep items cold as advertised. I will be purchasing more of these in the future.
| 10/01/2021

Good little cooler but...

I purchased the cooler about six months ago and really like it. The one area for improvement is the handle. It keeps pulling out as others have noted in their review.
| 10/01/2021

Great cooler

I use this cooler in my car on job site, so it sits in a very hot car (around 100 degrees inside). On Monday morning I put frozen bottles of water in the bottom and cooled ones on top. By the end of the work day on Wednesday I still have cool water! So yes, I’m happy with this cooler. It’s also very sturdy which helps as it sits between tool boxes and other hard bits.
| 09/19/2021

Good little cooler

I’ve used it 3x so far with great success. 1) transport fresh meats from nearest Costco (3 hours away). Kept meats cold with dry ice. 2) strapped perfectly onto my sit on top fishing kayak for a long paddle and kept drinks n food cold. 3) made a great minibar at sunset.
| 09/06/2021


Wish this cooler had two handles. Sometimes the handle slips out of the slot or out the end and have lost it a few times.
| 08/20/2021


Great cooler keeps everything nice and cold, ordering the 145qt
| 08/07/2021


This hard cooler is everything I wanted and more plus it's the perfect size for my little family. It's lightweight and easy to carry - thank goodness!
| 07/08/2021

Great Cooler and Great Price

Very pleased with my 20 qt, quick delivery and like the two drains that I did'nt notice when buying
| 07/05/2021


Perfect size for a day trip for a couple of people.
| 07/04/2021

Amazing cooler!!!

I used this cooler for the first time on a vacation to the beach in Florida. I packed the cooler full of beer and ice, and spent five days on the beach. Even after consistently opening and closing, and restocking the beer supply, i only had to add ice two times in those five days. I could not be happier with the performance, for the demand i put on this cooler. My only regret, is that i didn't buy one sooner, highly recommend!
| 06/28/2021


I love it! It's perfect size for me. It keeps my water bottles cold. I also bought the 2 pack of 2.5 lb reusable ice blocks. Fits perfect and keeps it cold for 24 hours and I haven't had to buy any ice bags. I do pre cool the water bottles in my fridge prior to putting them in the cooler. Thank you Artic for a wonderful and affordable product!
| 06/28/2021

20 qt cooler

Like the price of the cooler but the rubber T latches don’t stay locked down. I just got the cooler and just used it once
| 06/28/2021

Good cooler but…

The cooler works great. We had it on our boat in 100 degree temps and it did it’s job. Even a few days later it was just water and the water was ice cold. BUT the handle….when trying to move it around the handle always comes out. We have to lift this up into our boat and when the handle keeps coming out it’s not really helpful more of a hindrance. So we had to get a new cooler. So if you don’t have to slide it around or lift it up your good I would recommend this any day of the week. But if you need to be sliding this cooler around or anything like that beware.
| 06/27/2021

Not what I expected

Got the Rtic 20 on sale...wanted something to keep some waters in in my SUV. After reading the reviews, I thought it would be great for that. Well I'm filling it up every other day, the drain plug has to be just right or it leaks, the handle come off way to easy, and the rubber feet keep falling off. Gave it 3 stars because its well built and sturdy. Can use it as a seat in the boat.
| 06/23/2021


Great cooler. Fast shipping, it came within a few days. RTIC rocks!
| 06/22/2021

20 hard cooler

Cooler keeps my beverages cold expected. The only real con is once you load it with your beverages and ice is extremely heavy would have been nice if it came with some wheels to wheel that little thing around the handle is fine never had a problem with it coming off. Overall great little cooler to keep in place.
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