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| 07/06/2021

Strap it down

I purchased two of these tie down kits, I used one strap to secure my trolling motor which tends to jump up and down in ruff water. A single strap worked great to give it some support. The other set holds my large cooler in place in the bottom of the boat. Very easy to use and work great, only complaint is that I broke off the heads of two of the screws when installing in my aluminum boat, maybe up grade the quality of the screws to prevent this failure in the future.
| 07/06/2021

Cooler Tie Down Kit

Purchased a new cooler and the tie down kit for Father's day. The brackets were super easy to attach to the back of our pontoon boat and the strap system is easy to attach the cooler. Very secure. Worked perfectly! Highly recommend!
| 06/20/2021

Works great

Use them strap my cooler back of my sxs. Works great
| 06/14/2021

Tie downs

I ordered the tie downs for my boat cooler very strong look good I would buy again
| 06/09/2021

Great tie down

Very sturdy. Easy to use. Great product
| 02/01/2021

Does the Job

The Buckles and straps are very good Quality, They stay tight when cinched down. The edges of the S/S eye straps to the foredeck should be ground smooth as the are sharp. When moving quickly barefooted its possible to cut your toes/feet. The 52 Qt. Cooler is very secure with its nonskid top and rubber feet!
| 01/17/2021
I ordered but never received
| 09/22/2020

Well made

I have not had time to install the straps. My hope is to fasten them to the rails of my canoe. If that doesn't work I'll likely use them on my atv other have. Without using them they appear to be built very well, I bought them on sale for $10.50, I could not find them cheaper anywhere. For the sale price I'd likely buy more for other applications.
| 09/09/2020

Tie down

Seems to be good quality and works well, straps hold tight
| 09/08/2020

Riding rough

Bought 2 kits to use on back of can am Mavericks, rough mountain rides coolers never moved AWSOME straps
| 09/07/2020

I recommend

Does the trick and it’s rtic branded. You can find knockoffs but they are the same price. I really like mine to lock it down on the rough back roads.
| 08/20/2020

best straps ever

I use them on my 2017 Can Am Outlander and absolutely love them.
| 06/29/2020


Just spoke with cs tie downs should be in stock by August...I have been waiting on these and the seat cushion for a while now
| 08/08/2019


Solid product, only wish they'd bother to stock them more often. I've come to the site at least 10 times now over the course of the last 6 months to check and they've never been in stock. I guess I'll give up and go to the competition.
| 05/13/2019

Perfect for ATVs

I ordered these to use in place of standard tie-down ratchet straps for the back of my Polaris Sportsman. Before using these, normal ratchet straps worked but I would have a very long tail that I would tie up the best that I could, or even place the tail inside the cooler (not ideal). These straps that Rtic developed work great and are perfect for the back of my ATV. Highly recommend if you are looking for straps for the back of an ATV.
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