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| 11/13/2021

Ok, not great

As noted by others the cap gets cold and is prone to condensation. Then if the bottle is resting against something else of tips over the condensation gets everything wet. I will keep using it. I like that the top is only one piece and easy to clean.
| 08/10/2021

Bad design for cap

Good lid but bad design on cap and tether it binds when opening and closing and has fallen out of the tethering ring multiple times I have had to remove the tether altogether unfortunately that was one of the reasons I purchased it.
| 08/07/2021

Screw On Lid Makes a Mess

Due to a lip inside the bottle that collects some of the liquid inside the bottle as you take sips, the Screw On lid collects the liquid inside its ridges and drips as you take it off. This is very messy if you're out in public. It's a shame the bottle (26oz and 32oz) comes with the Screw On by default, and the only other option we have is the Sport Top. The Sport Top doesn't fit all uses and is not as compact as the Screw On lid. RTIC really needs more lid options for its bottles.
| 07/22/2021

Pretty Good, but not great

The lid is nice, but there's a couple of flaws. The cap just flops around after you screw it off, so you have to hold it, otherwise, it flops onto your face, or if there's water in the cap, it splashes on you. The cap itself, after time, starts to get harder to screw on an off. I think it's because of friction between the ring that holds the wire loop to the cap itself becomes worn and "sticky" with use. I tried to use lubricant to decrease the friction, but that only lasted for a week. I took the wire loop off completely, so it's usable, but then you have to make sure to keep track of the cap so it doesn't roll away. Lastly, the cap is not insulated so you end up with condensation on the top, and this also causes your drink to not stay cold as long.
| 07/21/2021

Description needs more detail

DOES NOT FIT 32oz BOTTLE. From what I can see in the pictures, it looks that this will only fit either the 26oz or 36oz bottle.
| 07/07/2021


I use my RTIC wide mouth cooler for jet skiing. The only thing I didn’t like was unscrewing the cap to drink. This is the perfect solution. I can open the cap and get a drink without worrying about dropping the lid. For those that had a hard time with the cap, I don’t see how they manage to get out of bed.
| 07/05/2021

Just what I needed

I bought the bottle for this a few years ago and have been using it for outdoor group workouts. I needed a quicker easier access lid to allow me to get a drink fast & move on. So far no issues!
| 07/05/2021

Only fits 26oz & 36oz bottles

The male threaded Sport Top lids only fit the 26oz and 36oz bottles which have inside threads on the bottle neck; and yes, it would be helpful if this info was provided in the description. The female threaded tops fit the 32oz & 40oz bottles which are threaded on the outside of the bottle neck. I prefer the tops which screw INTO the bottle neck as they are very sturdy, seal very well and have no outer edges to break. I have also read reviews claiming the lids that screw on the outside tend to leak and are not as durable. The 26 & 36oz screw-in lids have a small cable or tether holding the drinking cap. Some reviews have complained about it but I have found it to be a very small annoyance and easily overcome. Altogether, I am extremely pleased with the 26 & 36oz screw-in lids and rate them a "5" for quality, durability and value for your buck. I have used them for years without issues. The only improvement I would recommend to RTIC is to redesign your 32oz & 40oz bottles to use the screw-in lids. You would then have a full range of bottles which could use the same, superior lid for any size bottle.
| 06/27/2021

Needs better description

Great lid, but does not fit my 40oz bottle. No where in the description as to what bottles it is compatible. Now i have a lid with no bottle to match and not sure which one it would work with. Need better description format.
| 06/09/2021

It's OK.

Love RTIC products, however, for me this one is a swing and a miss. Unscrewing the small cap, getting it out of the way, taking a swig, and rescrewing the cap back down gets very cumbersome - especially during physical activity. And, yes, as others have noted, it gets more difficult over time. Would love to see a top like the tumblers or the smaller bottles with the leak proof cap!
| 04/02/2021


I have bought a few of these. I love these bottles but there are 2 areas they could improve on. The catch that holds keep the lid attached to the top tends to get gummed up during usage and the lid gets hard to open. After a bit the cable pulls the ring tighter around the cap and keeps you from opening it. Secondly, It would be amazing if there was a straw option for the wide mouth bottles. We have 3 of these in my house and it's so much easier with a straw up top when you're out working. Please consider making a straw option for the wide mouth!
| 03/24/2021

Plastic ring tends to stick and bottles not available

The plastic ring around the cap tends to stick to the plastic cap. A think metal film on the cap to prevent the plastic ring plastic from rubbing against plastic cap would probably fix the issue. Also, I don't see the bottles that uses this cap on this site. I use the cap with the 64 oz bottle.
| 03/21/2021


Works well and does it's job! I just with the opening that you drink from was a little bigger. That's why I give it 4-stars.
| 01/13/2021

Bad design for tether

The tethering system used for the cap is not designed very well. When trying to either screw on or unscrew the cap it constantly gets stuck. Would suggest a solid ring around the cap with only one eyelet for the tether.
| 01/09/2021

Not dishwasher safe?

I think these lids are great, but where does it say the lids are not dishwasher safe? I always hand wash the water bottle, but do like to wash the lids in the dishwasher - i.e. after a smoothie?! But the first time I put the lid in the dishwasher, the plastic attachment/drink cover holder came off and was lost down the drain. I have looked and looked on the website and don't see anything about the lids not being dishwasher (top rack) safe. Are none of the lids, as in travel coffee mugs, dishwasher safe? Other than that, a great lid!
| 12/21/2020

Wide mouth sport top

Fits good but has no insulating, just a plastic she'll.
| 12/09/2020

Been waiting for this

Glad these finally came back in stock.
| 09/05/2020

Size of lid

The only problem I have is that the lids dont specifically say which bottles they fit, and I bought a lid with a few new bottles assuming the extra lids I bought would fit, They didnt and there was no way to know in advance of buying them, It is not specified which lids fit which bottles,
| 08/10/2020

a must have

a must have for any bottle. Works great. You can clip the handle to your gear.
| 07/27/2020

Arrived quickly

The sport lid was a great add-on. RTIC keeps your drinks cold for less than the competition.
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