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| 08/29/2021

Excellent until someone stole it.

Great cooler, but too easy for thieves to steal. Keep it locked down away from low life meth heads.
| 08/07/2021


This was the first RTIC I owned. Needed a large cooler for fishing trips in the Keys. Had no problems holding ice for extended periods. Now I have RTIC coolers in 3 sizes and will not buy anything else.
| 01/17/2021

Big, solid, worth it!

This cooler is everything I was looking for! I needed a cooler large enough to put a deer or two that has been deboned, and this is definitely large enough. Keeps ice for at 8 days sitting outside which is outstanding! Very very satisfied!
| 01/07/2021


bought the 65 for my camping trips to the dunes which means nothing around you and my rtic keeps ice for a solid 5-6 days from the the day i put the ice in to it to the day i come back home to clean it up high recomened
| 10/31/2020

No sticker

Cooler is badass!! Just disappointed that I didn’t even get a damn sticker with it!!!
| 10/30/2020

45 and a 145 Qt.

Matching set of hard coolers. Extremely satisfied with fit and finish, worth every penny at a fraction cost of others. Also Super fast free shipping that was at my house in only two days. Very highly recommended.
| 10/29/2020

This is one awesome cooler!

My only regret in purchasing this cooler is that I didn’t purchase it months ago! The sturdy construction and heavy build are the first indicators at the absolute quality of this cooler. It has held ice for nearly 5 days up to this point! If you are on the fence over whether or not to purchase this cooler, get to the side of the fence where you buy it! You will never regret it!
| 09/29/2020

Works for Packing Elk

Was able to tag a 5-point bull elk this year and the 145 was able to fit the boned-out meat plus room for ice. The cooler kept the ice and elk meat semi-frozen for the 30-hour trip back home. Only gripe is that the cooler was so heavy that one of the handles (plastic cylinder) cracked when pulling the cooler out to drain. Still works as advertised though.
| 09/06/2020

110 cooler 3 years in.

So I have had this cooler for 3 years. Only issue I have had is one rubber stop on the bottom corner fell off and I can't find it. Outside of that its been bomb proof. I primarily use it for whitewater rafting trips which is typically very hard on gear and this cooler has been great. For cooling I just got of San Juan river. I drove up in 110 degree weather from mesa, spent 3 days on the river where it got to 100 every day. Each day it was in the sun all day. I started off with 2 layers of frozen water bottles on the bottom on their side. Then had the food on top with scattered frozen water bottles. When I arrived home bottom layer was 90 percent solid ice. Second layer was 30-60 percent ice. Took it on the Grand Canyon with solid block of ice on bottom had ice till day 13 or 14. I will buy the 145 eventually.
| 07/27/2020

Magnificent Beast

Bit the bullet and ordered this size in an attempt to eliminate the hastle of bringing numerous Coleman / Igloo coolers when going into the wild. Used first time for 2 weeks in average of 90 degree temps. Filled it full of meats, drinks, dairy, etc for a 10 day trip. We had to add 2 10# blocks of ice in 10 days. Everything was cold and safe! Well pleased customer!
| 07/23/2020

I love it

This cooler is amazing, I've only used it once so far, but I put three bags of ice in it and it was still 50% ice in 9 days, in 80° weather
| 07/13/2020

Love it !

Only trouble I have with it , no place to lock it down without locking the lid closed !
| 07/13/2020

A must have

I love these coolers I have a small one for road trips a 65 for the camper and 4 145s for the boats. Great to use as a dock box too.
| 07/03/2020
Haven’t used the cooler yet but looks fantastic and high quality. 5 star review is more about the service - got the cooler for my dad, he opened it on Father’s Day and there was a large dent in the lid. Company offered to refund or replace, I selected replace and they said they’d ship the new one when they got the damaged one back. Once I sent the damaged product I sent the tracking number to the company and asked if they could ship the replacement immediately in good faith to have in time for July 4th, which they did and the replacement arrived on July 2nd in great shape. Thanks RTIC
| 06/30/2020


very happy with the cooler and the divider, It keeps the product cold for about 4 days
| 06/24/2020

Great Cooler and Customer Service

I bought the RTIC 145 and am very happy with it so far. There was a shipping issue with my original order, but the RTIC customer service team was very responsive and helped fix the issue for me very quickly.
| 11/08/2019


My husband loves this Cooler, he deer hunts and he keeps the meat in the cooler until he gets back home he loves how he can grain the melted ice, which takes forever to melt, and he wants another one for Christmas. We recommend RTIC for everyone.
| 09/30/2019

Hard 145 qt

I have a 45 and a 145 hard cooler. Love them both! During the HOT summer months we head to the lake for a week at at time, There are limited places for purchasing ice that is close. I fill up the 145 qt full and still have ice 7 day later.....even when transferring!!! I recommend these to EVERYONE! BEFORE I used these, we were spending $15/day on ice. $15 day x 7 days = $105/week on ice. we usually went 3 times. $105x3=$315! This cooler paid for itself in 1 year!
| 08/22/2019

Outstanding Cooler

I bought the RTIC 20 shortly after they were introduced years ago to see if I liked the product before buying other sizes. I was extremely impressed with the quality and price. Since then I have purchased the 65 and 145. I use them for hunting, fishing and catering. No problem to fit a 120 lb pig in the 145 with ice. I highly recommend this product.
| 08/07/2019

65 cooler

I love my cooler I’d love it more if it was on wheels.
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