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ROOMY - The RTIC Backpack Soft Cooler will keep you items cold for days as it is built with premium insulation. This backpack cooler will hold 30 cans and a bag of ice and keep it cold all day long on the hottest day you've got.

HANDS FREE - The cooler straps comfortably to your back, leaving both arms free to grab your surfboard, fishing pole or any other gear your adventure calls for.

ACCESSIBLE - Our zipper-top opening makes it easy to access whatever's in your cooler.

COMPACT - It's hard to imagine not using your RTIC Backpack Cooler, but in those cases, store it easily until the next adventure, or pack it up for traveling to your next basecamp.

IT FLOATS - Along with keeping your drinks colder than cold, RTIC Backpack Coolers are built with welded seams, so they're waterproof through and through. The huge bonus to being 100% waterproof: each cooler can float right along with you.

We recommend using RTIC Ice Packs to keep items cold. If you choose to use ice in your Backpack Cooler, we recommend putting loose ice in a plastic bag to avoid leaks.


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| 01/03/2021

Return Policy

The cooler is very nice. Bought for Christmas gift in October. Too large for my daughter so I ordered two smaller coolers for her to use from RTIC. Cannot return because ordered before Nov 1st. This was disappointing.
| 12/16/2020

Backpack Cooler

Great Design and just an awesome piece of gear!
| 12/15/2020

Backpack Soft Cooler

Really nice high quality cooler that holds plenty!
| 12/15/2020

Terrific but a few things

I absolutely love this backpack cooler. I have had my blue/gray for over a year now and it has worked perfectly poolside, on the beach, at soccer games, camping, etc. I have only two...complaints? 1) I wish the waiststraps were detachable or could be stashed away. I'm not big on using them and they are massive with the padding. 2) Where is the accessory tote bag you guys always show attached to the backpack in the emails and gift guides?? I would really like to purchase it but I cannot find it anywhere on the website. Accessories? Nope. Soft Coolers section? Nope. Totes? Nope.
| 12/15/2020

It's Perfect!

This is the perfect backpack cooler for a whole day outing!! I highly recommend this product.
| 11/13/2020
Nice back pack,nice cooler for fishing keeps fish very cold.Compy packback also for longer trips.
| 11/12/2020

Back pack cooler

Love it. I have bought a few in the past and they all did not meet expectations. They ripped and water got in the insulation and just terrible. This here has so far been great.. Loving it!!!!
| 11/08/2020

How many beers can it hold?

I was just wondering how many beers it can hold I really want to but looks nice
| 11/04/2020


I bought this as a gift for my son. He has not received it. This was on his wish list. He stated that he would rather have this cooler brand than the other more expensive brand. He had read a lot of reviews on the RTIC coolers and added it to his Christmas wish list.
| 11/03/2020

Christmas Gift

I bought this for my daughter in NC for Christmas because she and my grandson go to the beach quite often and she like to take drinks and lunch down one the beach. She is better off with back pack because she has RA and would be hard to carry by hand. Look like it is made very good.
| 11/01/2020

Backpack cooler

Absolutely love this!!!
| 10/30/2020

Amazing Price and Great Size

I’ve had mine for almost 2 years. I use it for everything, from camping; boating, work, parties, etc. My only complaint would be the bottom has completely unwelded itself and rendering it useless. It started just after a year and now it’s completely fallen out. Warranty is only a year so I’ll have to buy another one. Sucks, but it is an awesome cooler. Wondering if $300 over 3 years worth of use is better than just paying a bit more for another brand that may last longer. It’s a toss up.
| 10/14/2020


Long story short, the webbed water bottle pockets have both began ripping. I only ever put the small Ice Mountain water bottles in the pockets and they've already got holes in them. The pockets on this backpack are practically unusable, too small. The webbing on the underside of the lid is useless because everything falls out when you close the cooler lid, and falls down into the cooler. I had high hopes that this cooler would be a little more durable, but it's very delicate.
| 09/05/2020

Back Pack Cooler 2nd Gen

I've made a few different purchases on RTIC products and this was by far my favorite one. Talk about a very good buy for a cooler. I've had many different cooler, from hard to soft and this gives you a piece of both worlds. This softer then your regular hard cooler and more convenient that you can carry it around on your back. This is highly recommended for a purchase compared to some other brands that are overpriced. I'm sure we all know about those. I get a products that's just as good if not better for a price that won't break the bank.
| 08/14/2020

Awesome product

| 08/07/2020

Great backpack cooler

Took to a baseball tournament and kept drinks cold. Bought ice packs and they fit perfectly in the backpack. Highly recommend this cooler!
| 08/06/2020


Awesome. Keeps my beers cold all day.
| 08/04/2020

Great beach/pool cooler!

Great quality and perfect size (ordered the 30). The zipper broke after several uses over a month time-span, but RTIC sent a return shipping label and replaced with a new cooler quickly!
| 07/31/2020

Greatest cooler

Works as advertised. The perfect cooler.
| 07/29/2020

Fantastic Cooler

A fantastic cooler that has served us well on river trips, camping, and plain old car trips.
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