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| 10/13/2021

Just what I expected

I am a huge fan of RTIC - my cold liquids stay cold and my hot liquids stay hot. I put ice water in this on day one and refilled it with cold water every time the water was low… still had ice on DAY THREE. The lid is tight and nothing has leaked, and it doesn’t “sweat” on the outside of the container. I love this bottle!!!
| 10/09/2021

Good bottle, good value if on sale

Bought this bottle on sale for only $23 so I would say it’s quite worth it! Design is nice and sturdy (I bought Sand/Beach color but the other colors can be much brighter outside pictures , so beware), a bit heavy. The only small issue is that between the body and mouth of the bottle there’s a big curve, so when the bottles almost empty it gets much harder to control how much water comes out when you drink… I’ve had a few too many soaked shirts because of this
| 09/29/2021

Great water bottle

This water bottle does a great job of keeping water ice cold, and I love that the lid says tight. I take this hiking and never have any issues with spillage, and love that the water stays ice cold even on super hot days. RTIC provided this bottle in exchange for an honest review. I'm very happy with this product -- love the colors! I got the coral one and its beautiful -- and I'd definitely recommend it!
| 09/23/2021


I love this bottle it keeps ice for a long time, but I wish there was a lid with a straw, the straws are not long enough for the bottles, so if there was a lid with a straw that would be great.
| 09/20/2021

Great customer service

I love this water bottle! I’ve used several of their coffee cups and had to order a bottle too. When I got my order it came with a small ding, they immediately replaced my bottle and were so incredibly helpful.
| 09/17/2021

Forest Green 40 oz. Bottle

The 40 oz bottle is amazing! Mine keeps ice in it for two days. I had purchased mine back in February, 2021. The one I currently own is forest green. I was wanting to order more, but there is not as many color options as there used to be. Please bring back more options! Be careful if you use a boot. Water got trapped in mine while I was washing my water bottle. Over time it caused a small section of the paint to rust. That’s my only complaint. Otherwise, this is a great product.
| 09/12/2021

Worst mouth openings ever

I love the price point of this bottle and I was even working out justifying buying a big bottle that knowingly wouldn’t fit into the cup holders in a car. But dang, If you are very thirsty and you want to just chug some water, you’ll end up with water all down your face and chin, looking like the dude in Airplane! with the drinking problem. Fix the mouth on the caps, please.
| 08/17/2021

Great value

Love the colors and works every bit as well as the spendier brands
| 08/14/2021

Great rtic drink cup

I love my rtic bottle! Keeps ice and everything cold! I'm buying these for Christmas presents!
| 08/12/2021

RTIC bottles

Love the beach color of my RTIC water bottle. Easy to clean and keeps water ice cold for hours and doesn’t sweat on the outside. Ordered 2 16 oz water bottles for my kids, great sizes and prices and perfect for the whole family.
| 08/08/2021

Good but could be great if…

They could make a sip top to it or a straw top. I love the cup itself but the top offered with it is not convenient for me. I keep it in my classroom and would like to have a straw to use throughout the day.
| 07/26/2021

Fantastic product

I’ve been buying from RTIC from the beginning. I bought a 32 ounce cup with lid and handle. Zero complaints, my drink stayed cold all day. I soon purchased a 64 ounce thermos , wow ice stayed in that thermos in my car once for two days and it still had ice . I soon bought my mother and sister items from the store. Wonderful product made in the USA!
| 07/23/2021

Thanks RTIC

We received two water bottles as part of a promotion that we worked on with RTIC and we are so happy to say we LOVE them! The quality is amazing and compare with all the other big names out there!
| 07/12/2021

My Favorite Jug

My best friends gave me this jug for Christmas and it is hands down my favorite out of all the other jugs I've used. Keeps your water cold on the hottest of days. I liked it so much I'm now ordering one for a friend and a smaller one for my kid.
| 07/08/2021

Awesome botttle

This holds ice like nothing else. Worth every penny. I know I am not the only one that wished they had an actual flip top straw lid for this. PLEASE LISTEN TO US!!! WE NEED STRAW LIDS!!!!!!!!!!
| 07/07/2021

Great deal Great product

Keeps my daily water regimen ice cold. No problems leaking. RTIC has not disappointed!
| 07/05/2021

Perfect size for most jobs

I purchased this as a replacement for my navy blue 36oz bottle that got crushed when it bounced off my tractor. Prior to that, I used this bottle as my go-to choice for most jobs requiring several hours away from a water source. I use my 26oz bottle for a back-up or shorter duration jobs. The bottle is very rugged and kept my drinks cold through the hot Texas summer days. I used the wide-mouth screw-in sports lid (which perfectly survived the crushing by the way) as it provides good flow, insulation and keeps the dirt out of my drinks; not to mention it is also spill proof. Although I really like the navy blue color, I went with a lighter color this time as the outer skin of the darker bottle would get hot if left in the sun. I know, duh....that's physics dude. Overall I would rate the bottle 5 stars for quality, durability and value. Add the sport top lid if you plan on drinking directly from the bottle.
| 07/03/2021

Too Tall

This bottle works well for holding liquids, however, it is about an inch too tall to store upright in any cabinet. If they had made it with a folding handle, or an ounce less capacity, it would fit fine. They failed to give dimensions, but I was really hoping the smallest size, 26 oz, would surely fit, so I chanced it. I like to keep cold filtered water in the bathroom for taking vitamins etc. Even stored, empty, it must be laying down with takes up too much space. This one, albeit, is pretty, but I don't want anything else setting on the counter. Overall, I am disappointed. To me, it would be so much more useful if it was cabinet size.
| 07/03/2021


This is a great product I bought two.
| 07/03/2021


I love this bottle. My house is pretty warm when it is warm outside and the liquid stayed cold the whole 8 hours I slept.
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