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| 03/27/2021

Pro's & Con's of the 20qt

The Pro's and Con's of our recent purchased 20qt ARTIC as I see it. Pro: Well built, great sealing gasket, two drains, non-skid (also a Con), available accessories, convenient size (also a Con), multi color choices, free shipping, competitive pricing, excellent packing, moderate ice retention (we live in AZ), lifetime warranty (hope we don't have to explore that) and probably more as we continue to use it. Now the Con's for our use: First off would be the country of manufacture, China. We're USA all the way, but on some items must balance price with usage. We have two other larger coolers with a Bear name made in Iowa. But for this purchase ARTIC won out on price alone for our limited expected usage on this size cooler. Next would be weight. At almost 20# empty, fill it up and not many women or kids can handle it. Non slip feet will stay where you set it, but also very hard to move when full if you need to slide it around to fit somewhere. Handle pulled out on first usage even though was careful not to pull on just one end. As others in this size range seemed just a little to small, the 20qt is just a little to big for our usage, but size does matter and we went a bit larger. I'm sure a couple more things will show up as we use it more but the Pro's out weighed the Con's for us on this purchase. Overall: Purchase was March 2021, we're well pleased with the 20qt. Was purchased with the basket, divider and a bottle opener (all at extra cost), shipped together and arrived timely and in excellent condition. Wished there discount program extended to veteran's but supporting Active only is still appreciated. Would I buy again if needed another in this size - yes definitely.
| 03/16/2021

Not Bear Proof

I am disappointed to say I received this cooler as a birthday gift. After reading a lot of reviews I should've listened to one of them which seem to no longer be on the page anymore. The main reason I bought this was to go camping and wanted something bear resistant. Unfortunately, the Rubber T-Latch does not stay in place very well. With one bear swipe, it can come out of place and they can get into it. But if you don't care about that then this is a cooler for you.
| 03/14/2021

Flawed but good(like me)

Handle comes out way too easy and rubber feet come off easy as well. Otherwise been a good cooler. Will keep beers on ice for 4 days in my trunk during a norcal summer.
| 03/14/2021

Not happy

Very disappointed. Bought it for work. I Work in the construction business and wanted something to keep ice for a long time. I usually open the cooler no max than 4 times a day ina 3 to 4 hrs apart. Didn't keep ice as it said. After 24 hrs it watered-down but water was kept cold. I might try other type of ice cubes. But the one i used are the bags sold at the gas station. Will see.
| 02/22/2021

Perfect cooler for my boat

I had been looking for the right cooler for my boat for a while. The 20 Qrt hard cooler has been perfect. Keeps the ice well and my drinks cold in the Florida Sun all day long.
| 02/21/2021

As expected

Good products , I now have a total of 4 rtic coolers. Spent a good amount of money with my last order and didn't even receive a decal.
| 02/18/2021

Good product for the money.

This is the second Rtic i have bought. I have a larger i think a 45. Always liked that cooler so when i need a smaller one i went with Rtic again. Precool stuff you put in it and I’ve last for days. As long as your not getting in it every 5 minutes. No cooler will hold ice if your in it every 5 minutes. Would have gave it 5 stars but i have the same issue with both my coolers. The rubber legs come out of the cooler pretty easy. And my 20 the handle comes out of the holes pretty easy if you grab by one side to slide it out of truck or something. Doesn’t take much for the handle to pull out the hole and scratch the side of the cooler up pretty bad. Nothing major that i wouldn’t buy another or make me decide to spent twice as much on another brand just like it.
| 02/13/2021

What an upset

I have many different sizes of the RTIC, I’m a huge RTIC fan, but this RTIC20 was a complete let down! Hurts to say and admit. The “RTIC” Decal is a sticker, not like the other bigger coolers were they used hardener paint. Upon arrival it was already peeling off before I even got to use it. So much for Over Built, Not over Priced...
| 02/11/2021


I got a 65 that really performs well, thats why I bought this 20. It appears to be the same quality build, just a smaller unit. It should be good forever.
| 02/10/2021

Best cooler I’ve ever owned!

I have the 52, I have most of the cups and every single thing I have from this company has absolutely blown my mind with the holding cold drink and keeping them that way!
| 02/10/2021


Best coolers made. Durable, reliable, functional. One question...when will they come in red?
| 02/06/2021

RTIC 20 As good as the “competition”

Perfect size for every outdoor day trip! Keeps those Fine Pilsners the perfect temp when ice fishing. Makes a great seat as well as a cutting board. The handle is my only issue. It popped out on one side but was simple to pop back in. Keeps ice for-ev-er when used for a beverage fridge in the house. Can’t beat the price! Should have bought one sooner and not overpaid for that other brand. Makes a great gift too!
| 02/01/2021

Handle is too thin

RTIC 20 Handle is too thin. Too Small to comfortably carry and looks a-little cheap The rest of cooler looks great and appears to be high quality
| 02/01/2021

Perfect cooler for my Boat

I recently purchased the 20qrt hard cooler tor my boat and could not be happier. Spent 2 days on the water in the Florida sun and kept my drinks cold with out having to add Ice
| 01/31/2021

Weekend warrior

I love the RTIC 20 and it perfect for a weekend at the softball fields. Plenty of room for food and drinks. Cooler no where near holding ice for 10 days in Florida heat, but good for a weekend.
| 01/28/2021

Wow product and service.

After mistakenly ordering the 52 quart cooler and realizing it was too massive for my little sailboat and returning it, I eventually decided on the 20. Both products seem exceptionally well-made and the delivery was on time as expected. The return of the first cooler was extremely easy and the person at RTIC that assisted me, was very helpful and kind. Excited to use it on the boat this summer. So pleased that I am writing my first review for a product online.!
| 01/19/2021

Nice cooler

Wanted one for a while now. Rugged and well built. A bit of concern about the handle. It doesn’t really stay in place when carrying. Just bent to stick on the holes in the side of the cooler. Jury is out on the handle.
| 01/19/2021

Happy with Order

The cooler came just as expected, a good solid build and sturdy look. It is slightly heavier than expected but this is no issue and is likely a result of its sturdiness. The reason I did not give 5 stars is because the handle on my cooler came bent. However customer support is taking care of the issue and will send me another one.
| 01/11/2021

Best Dad Christmas gift

My Dad loved his Christmas gift this year ! This size of cooler is the perfect gift for anyone that likes road trips or who is in the construction field like my dad. I know he will enjoy this cooler keeping his water cold this summer. It’s a good size for my mom’s suv for when they take road trips again too. I think RTIC will be my go to gift place for my parents from now on.
| 12/05/2020

RTIC 20 Hard Cooler

The cooler is rugged, sturdy, well built an affordable. With a solid handle and it’s ability to keep things cold for days, what’s not to like? Great value, great cooler.
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