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| 06/28/2021


I love it! It's perfect size for me. It keeps my water bottles cold. I also bought the 2 pack of 2.5 lb reusable ice blocks. Fits perfect and keeps it cold for 24 hours and I haven't had to buy any ice bags. I do pre cool the water bottles in my fridge prior to putting them in the cooler. Thank you Artic for a wonderful and affordable product!
| 06/28/2021

20 qt cooler

Like the price of the cooler but the rubber T latches don’t stay locked down. I just got the cooler and just used it once
| 06/28/2021

Good cooler but…

The cooler works great. We had it on our boat in 100 degree temps and it did it’s job. Even a few days later it was just water and the water was ice cold. BUT the handle….when trying to move it around the handle always comes out. We have to lift this up into our boat and when the handle keeps coming out it’s not really helpful more of a hindrance. So we had to get a new cooler. So if you don’t have to slide it around or lift it up your good I would recommend this any day of the week. But if you need to be sliding this cooler around or anything like that beware.
| 06/27/2021

Not what I expected

Got the Rtic 20 on sale...wanted something to keep some waters in in my SUV. After reading the reviews, I thought it would be great for that. Well I'm filling it up every other day, the drain plug has to be just right or it leaks, the handle come off way to easy, and the rubber feet keep falling off. Gave it 3 stars because its well built and sturdy. Can use it as a seat in the boat.
| 06/23/2021


Great cooler. Fast shipping, it came within a few days. RTIC rocks!
| 06/22/2021

20 hard cooler

Cooler keeps my beverages cold expected. The only real con is once you load it with your beverages and ice is extremely heavy would have been nice if it came with some wheels to wheel that little thing around the handle is fine never had a problem with it coming off. Overall great little cooler to keep in place.
| 06/21/2021

Awesome find!

The title says it all. .. I literally found this cooler in an abandoned camp in the middle of the Arizona High desert Mountain range. Probably another drug Cartel camp. Didn't find any kilos or Cash but did find this sweet cooler. Firstly ...I have always wanted one. Secondly...I do now now. It is awesome and is more than likely worth the money it would have cost me if the drug runners didn't gift it to me by hastily abandoning it in the Arizona wilderness. I have to say it is amazing and I am thankful to have it as it does absolutely everything it is advertised to do. I will cherish this cooler forever. Even though I didn't purchase it I feel ablidged to give it the 5 stars is so rightly deserves. Cold everything all the time. Great product!!!
| 06/21/2021

Not holding ice

I just got this 20 for my ballpark days. Saturday was the first day I used it, out in my drinks and a small bag of ice. 3 hours later the ice was melted, cold water but no ice. Today I left the water that was still cold and my drinks added another bag of ice and a few hours later no ice, just cold water.
| 06/20/2021

Works flawlessly

This cooler is great. Perfect size for the family on the boat. I do wish the inside was slightly larger but it’s awesome. All day cool even with ice packs. Cant wait to take it to the beach. Very happy with the purchase. Shipped fast and was reasonably priced.
| 06/19/2021


Great product. Very well made. Nice color. But it was too small fir our needs. I reordered the 30 instead. Also a great cooler. Better size for us.
| 06/18/2021


Hold ice for ten days? maybe in the dead of winter
| 06/17/2021


Have ben happy with this keeps all drinks nice and cold out on a.lawn care working hade it for 3 years now
| 06/14/2021

RTIC 20 Quart

Holds ice, great cooler for the money.
| 06/14/2021

20 can cooler is great for long hot days

I have had it for a short time but it is performing great. It is staying cool during long days on the boat and also my cruiser. It was a little bigger than expected but the performance outweighs the size problem in my vehicle.
| 06/13/2021


Great product and will be using it at the beach and throughout the year in my travels.
| 06/13/2021


Great hard sided cooler. Keeps drinks cold for days
| 06/10/2021

Best cooler I've ever owned

I have had my 20qt cooler for over a year. Has stood up very well, still looks new. I have held ice in it for up to 2.5 days camping and drinks stayed cold for the whole trip of 6 days. Thanks RTIC!!
| 04/03/2021

Great cooler

Have used the 20 qt several times, is as advertised! Holds ice well and very solid structure!
| 03/27/2021

Pro's & Con's of the 20qt

The Pro's and Con's of our recent purchased 20qt ARTIC as I see it. Pro: Well built, great sealing gasket, two drains, non-skid (also a Con), available accessories, convenient size (also a Con), multi color choices, free shipping, competitive pricing, excellent packing, moderate ice retention (we live in AZ), lifetime warranty (hope we don't have to explore that) and probably more as we continue to use it. Now the Con's for our use: First off would be the country of manufacture, China. We're USA all the way, but on some items must balance price with usage. We have two other larger coolers with a Bear name made in Iowa. But for this purchase ARTIC won out on price alone for our limited expected usage on this size cooler. Next would be weight. At almost 20# empty, fill it up and not many women or kids can handle it. Non slip feet will stay where you set it, but also very hard to move when full if you need to slide it around to fit somewhere. Handle pulled out on first usage even though was careful not to pull on just one end. As others in this size range seemed just a little to small, the 20qt is just a little to big for our usage, but size does matter and we went a bit larger. I'm sure a couple more things will show up as we use it more but the Pro's out weighed the Con's for us on this purchase. Overall: Purchase was March 2021, we're well pleased with the 20qt. Was purchased with the basket, divider and a bottle opener (all at extra cost), shipped together and arrived timely and in excellent condition. Wished there discount program extended to veteran's but supporting Active only is still appreciated. Would I buy again if needed another in this size - yes definitely.
| 03/16/2021

Not Bear Proof

I am disappointed to say I received this cooler as a birthday gift. After reading a lot of reviews I should've listened to one of them which seem to no longer be on the page anymore. The main reason I bought this was to go camping and wanted something bear resistant. Unfortunately, the Rubber T-Latch does not stay in place very well. With one bear swipe, it can come out of place and they can get into it. But if you don't care about that then this is a cooler for you.
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