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| 03/10/2021

52’’ cooler

When are you coming out with the 52’’ for my cooler
| 02/06/2021

65qt cooler cusion

Great deal and quality, just what we needed to complete the cooler.
| 01/20/2021


This was a Christmas present for my husband. Fits our RTIC perfectly and is good quality for a great price. Would love RTIC to make it in more colors!
| 10/29/2020

Great product

This cushion like their coolers is awesome. The cup holder and pocket on the side is a nice touch, perfect for kids. Build quality is great especially for the price. Was impressed by how thick it is. Stock is hit or miss so sign up for the updates. Well worth the wait.
| 09/15/2020

Just what I was Hoping for!

My cushion is another Great Product from Rtic. It fits perfect, is very comfortable and I really like the drink holder! I just bought a new light 52 quart Rtic too, so I am hoping you make a cushion for it soon too!
| 09/15/2020

Great - almost perfect

Awesome comfortable cushion. I love that you can take it on or off (I use my 65 RTIC cooler for rafting), depending on my raft setup. I wish it came in a different color as it dirties easily. Also with it was slightly more durable. Made the mistake of leaving it on my cooler for the trailer ride and I think a rock got kicked up and went put a hole in the side of it. I understand it's asking a lot to prevent that, but it would be nice! Overall great product and I'm glad I bought it.
| 09/15/2020


Loved so much I bought another. Provides additional seating on boat!!!
| 09/04/2020


| 08/10/2020


Love RTIC great products the cushion fit perfect
| 08/09/2020


Couldn’t wait until it showed up to put on my RTIC 65. Great quality and very comfortable. Turned a cooler into comfortable seat. Can’t beat the price either. Thank you RTIC!
| 08/08/2020

I love this cushion

This is a great addition to the boat. My large cooler sits in the back and people can use it as a leg rest. It’s comfortable and doesn’t get hot like the boats seats typically do. It’s also comfortable to sit on.
| 07/23/2020

Take a seat

The cushion adds great comfort and functionality to the cooler. The cup holder is a big plus to keep your beverage hand. It ass a seat or a footrest to the boat. Love it every cooler needs one!
| 07/23/2020


This thing is amazing! Waited months to get back in stock then one day I magically saw it available! Solid cushion, love the drink holder and far more secure than a loose pfd cushion on the lid. Safer to sit on when fishing in a rocking lake!
| 07/23/2020

Perfect for entertaining.

We love our RTIC 110 and use it every time we entertain and wanted to put a cushion on it for some time but it was always sold out. I looked at other options but did not want to drill into my cooler so I was very happy once this was available again. Now that we have used it multiple times it's just so convenient to have another seating option since the 110 takes up a good amount of real estate. It's very easy to put on and to take off....but once it's on it is secure. Very happy with this purchase.
| 07/21/2020

Worth the Wait

We waited months (about 6 to be exact) for this to be in stock and it was worth it. Great quality and I can tell it will hold up. It would be nice to see in other colors. Just for feedback when I asked in late January/early February when these would restock I was told 2 weeks, I would've rather been told it would take 6 months so I knew what to expect. Thank you for making great products at a reasonable price!
| 07/20/2020

so comfortable

Was a little hesitant at first but ordered it and LOVE it. So comfortable and once installed, does not move at all. Read another review where they said they offered other colors which I agree with 150%, I know the white will look dirty very quickly. Highly recommend.
| 07/19/2020

Awesome product

This is the best quality and the best price , highly recommended.
| 07/18/2020

Rtic 65 Cushion cooler

Outstanding fit and fast delivery. Great quality and looks good On the boat!
| 07/15/2020
Bought the 110 cushion— thought it was the cooler!!! Now to save my pennies to Get The Cooler!! Got to READ better!!! Geeze
| 07/14/2020

Great buy

I stalked the site for a almost 2 months waiting for this to come back in stock. Definitely a great buy. Makes for another seat on our pontoon. Very comfortable, too.
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