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| 09/14/2021

Thick Pad well designed

The Pad is awesome, I have a 45 and it fits perfectly even though it doesnt have the button clip design the straps that run under the lid is well designed and strong. The cup holder and small pocket is a great addition. I bought this pad for people to sit on the bow of my 16ft skiff. This is a great product and I suggest it to everyone.
| 08/27/2021

52 Quart

Another vote for a 52 quart cushion!
| 08/25/2021

52 Quart

Please release one that fits the 52qt!
| 08/21/2021

52 Quart

Love my 52, hopefully they sell the cushion for it in the future
| 08/02/2021

52 Quart seat

Please release a seat for the 52 quart cooler! I want to run matching 65 and 52 quart coolers as seats in my raft!
| 07/31/2021

20 and 65 great, need 52!

Got these for my 20 and 65qt coolers. They make a great place to park your behind. The 20 is a bit of a hassle with the cooler’s handle but nbd. I’ll add my voice to the chorus demanding one for the UL52!!
| 07/30/2021

Cooler cushion

I recently purchased the 52 and love it so far, used for boating. I want to purchase a cushion for it , when are they gonna be available?
| 07/16/2021


52 rtc ice chest just need 52 cushion for it.
| 07/03/2021

Comfy, but big.

It’s a super comfortable pad, really thick but that makes it hard to flip the handle up and down. You have to smash the pad in order to swing it. Unfortunately that made it pretty much useless for me. Took it off after a couple of days.
| 07/01/2021

Great cushion!

You cannot beat this cushion for the price. Looks good, super comfy, easily removed. Great addition to my RTIC 45
| 06/29/2021

Just Okay

The cushion is comfy and whatnot but with the straps going around the lid entirely the cooler does not seal anymore. The straps are not the great of a design. Maybe buttons like on a boat cover would be better?
| 06/24/2021

52 cool seat

Need cooler seat top for 52 cooler
| 06/20/2021

52 Ultra-Light Seat

You guys DEFINITELY need to release one of these for the Ultra-Light 52qt model!!!!
| 06/19/2021

20 quart seat cover

Very comfortable when playing guitar on a full cooler - a little top heavy when empty makes a great extra seat in then garage Nice looking but questionable durability outdoors
| 06/14/2021

Hard Cooler Cushions

Ordered a cushion for a 45 and 65qt cooler. These are quality cushions and a great value priced.
| 06/12/2021

52" cushion

Just purchased the ultra light 52" cooler, when will or will you be coming out with a cushion?
| 06/09/2021

Cooler lid

Cooler is ok , cushion with the straps that go around the cooler lid just don’t fix and don’t looks right,
| 04/03/2021


Still waiting on the 52 for the ultra light. Any idea if & when that’s coming out?
| 03/30/2021

Cooler top poor quality

I love my cooler. However I purchased the top cushion. The clip broke within 3 weeks and it is secured with a close loop. Therefore you can’t replace without going to a seamstress. The strap on otherwise ripped from Cushion after two months.
| 03/10/2021

52’’ cooler

When are you coming out with the 52’’ for my cooler
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