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| 10/12/2021

Work Great

The 2 ice packs work nice with the cooler and fit just right in the 8 can cooler/lunch box.
| 10/11/2021

Work Great

Very impressed. We use them every weekend for hunting. We live in Florida. Put these on bottom of cooler, put in your drinks, top with ice. We still have ice when the weekend is over. Very happy with this purchase.
| 10/11/2021

Very impressed

These ice packs work so good. We use them for our hunting coolers. They keep the cooler feeling like a refrigerator when you open it. The price and quality is very impressive.
| 08/07/2021

2 Years Old and STILL GOING

I purchased four of these ice packs, along with a 28 can soft cooler from this website. I've been using the ice packs and cooler, for work everyday for just over two years. From the time I leave for work and until I get home (roughly 13 hours later) my food and drink stay cold. When I get home, I empty the cooler, put the ice packs in the freezer and they're ready to go in the AM. I highly recommend these ice packs and/or Rtic coolers. The prices for their products are very reasonable when considering durability.
| 07/12/2021


Would have given 5 but out of stock on size I needed. This ice pack on top of properly packed ice chest extends life of cold drinks for at least two days. Could be longer but only camped for a week. Still almost frozen!
| 06/30/2021

Just bought the mini ice packs and they're perfect

I've been using two of the large ice packs with my 45 quart cooler for a couple years and I just picked up the 52 quart ultra-light cooler and 4 of these mini ice packs. I spent all of last week drilling and sampling soil outside on the asphalt in Phoenix with temps around 110 degrees F. After the first day I didn't even bother getting bagged ice because these ice packs work so well. They kept my water and gatorade ice-cold all day long, then just throw them in the freezer overnight and they're good to go. On the 5th day I still had actual ice frozen to the outside of the ice packs from the first day's bagged ice!
| 06/28/2021

Good for short periods

I bought these to use in my rtic Day Cooler. I put two of these in the bag with 3-4 bottles of water. So far they do a good but not great job. At the end of my day I usually have one bottle of water left. It is cool but not cold. I expected a little better results for the price. In a hard cooler or a soft pack cooler they would probably be great.
| 06/26/2021

Ice pack

Best I’ve packs ever! Holds cold for days! Great purchase!
| 06/22/2021

Ice packs

These ice packs work amazing, keeping everything nice and cool! Will be ordering more!
| 06/22/2021

Great ice packs

Got 3 of these for the bottom of my 52 qt RTic cooler. Helped keep the ice for days and the ice pack is still mostly frozen.
| 06/21/2021

not impressed

Put these in my artci soft side cooler, didn't stay cold long
| 06/14/2021

Not your Grandpa’s Ice Packs

Ordered two of the extra large Ice Packs based on the great reviews and let me say they weren’t wrong. Not only is this company customer oriented but they truly do stand by their products. These ice packs are magic. They turn any cooler, even the cheap ones, into Antarctica! Even after 15 hours on the road and sitting inside a hot truck in the sun for hours these things were still frozen solid and doing their job. The fact that they came as a two pack is just an added bonus honestly. And whoever thought of the handle at the top was a genius!! My suggestion is to order at least two sets though because you will find uses for them everywhere and on every trip… even if it’s just a Sunday picnic or a trip to Sam’s Club. If your area is prone to long power outages and these are in your freezer it’s cheap insurance to buy you a few hours of time while you take the next steps of either getting a generator going or getting the power company contacted. Thank you folks for a great product and a great company!!
| 06/13/2021

Great Purchase "highly recommend"

Better than ice! Bought 4 of the XL, use two and keeps cold for at least 2 days depending on the heat and swap out as needed with the other two in the freezer. No need to buy ice any more and waste water! Buy them they're worth it.
| 06/13/2021

Ice packs

Looks like it is made very well. Haven’t used them yet.
| 02/26/2021

This is my fourth cooler from Rtic

I bought my first large soft sided cooler for my boat a year and a half ago. Loved it. Then bought a smaller version for my car trunk when I buy food at the store that needs to be kept cooled. When I needed a much smaller version I bought the 8 pack size, but gave it to one of my sons. Finally I bought the 15 can size Rtic cooler when I wanted to carry several drinks, a sandwich, and dessert. I use this one non stop. I am impressed by the overall quality of all four containers, especially based on the price. I would recommend to all my friends, especially in the boating world.
| 02/07/2021

Good Job

I ordered 4 medium of these to fit perfectly into my Day Cooler 8. I use 2 and keep 2 frozen. They keep drinks cold on overnight or 2 night trips and are easy to use.
| 12/21/2020

Ice packs

Nice, maintained shape didn't swell when frozen.
| 12/07/2020

Great cooler, a tad small

While the cooler is amazing the 8 can is a bit small for daily work lunches. When you add drinks and food it really doesn't fit. We also have the 20 can sized one and that's too big to carry daily. Wish there was one in between.
| 12/05/2020

Great Product

These 2 small ice packs keep everything cold in my RTIC cooler that I use for lunch. Best ice packs I have ever owned. After 12 hours they are still very frozen.
| 12/04/2020

Great gifts

I purchased these for my nephews for Christmas. We love ours, so I know that they will love them.
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