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| 06/29/2021

12 ox is the perfect size cooler

This is my new 2nd favorite RTIC cooler, 2nd only to my RzlRTIC 16oz pint glass. Awesome size for my lawn mowing 12 oz cans & bottles
| 06/21/2021

Lowball tumbler

Very nice lowball tumbler, I like it
| 06/20/2021

Love these Tumblers

Love the Coral color. Ordered 2 and have used them every evening. I even use to pour my wine into, no more wiping the ice sweat off the glasses. No need for coasters either.
| 06/16/2021

Keeps ice overnight

I was surprised at how long ice lasted in this tumbler. Had a drink before bedtime (ice tea @ 9pm) woke up next morning (6:30 am) noticed ice rattling around when I took it to the sink. Over 9 hours later. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks
| 06/10/2021

Perfect for ice cream!

I bought one of these and starting using it for ice cream and it works amazing. It actually makes the ice cream colder than when taken out of the freezer.
| 03/19/2021
Purchased this tumbler to keep hot coffee hot. It doesn't do this very well.
| 02/26/2021

Excellent Thermal Capacity

Outstanding way to keep your coffee hot.
| 02/23/2021


I love this for all of my rum on the rocks it keeps it nice and cold while I'm outside working or if I'm just hanging out with the guys on the back porch in the summer
| 02/20/2021


Great products! We are working on replacing all of our current drinkware with RTIC products because they are durable and don’t sweat like others.
| 02/17/2021


I ordered these for our Ducks Unlimited banquet. They were met with a resoundingly positive response.
| 02/13/2021


I’d give a review if I would ever receive the product Ordered well over a month ago and i still have not received it WTF?
| 02/05/2021


Tumbler does NOT fit in ANY cup holders. We tried several cars/trucks. My explorer even has an oversized cup holder and it doesn't fit. Bought 1 case and they don't take returns on cases. Great looking cup. Just disappointed my clients can't take this on the go.
| 02/05/2021


Bought these for the boat and couldn’t be happier
| 02/01/2021

Overbuilt. Not overpriced.

This compares with a more expensive product but at a much better price. Keeps drinks warm for a few hours and cold for many, many hours. I really like the width/size of the lowball, although it may not fit in many cup holders if you're traveling. RTIC has become my go-to.
| 12/08/2020

Great price

Great product at a greater price
| 11/03/2020

Bring it back!

Perfect size! Bring back the lowball tumbler!!!
| 10/26/2020

Love This

Bought this for camping and it's worked great. It fits in my pod style coffee machine with no problems. I have started carrying it with me for mixed drinks now because it holds the ice and doesn't water down my drink.
| 10/25/2020

Mixed Drinks Anyone?

I own way too much RTIC gear, but I love their products and pricing. I like how my travel mug holds ice for hours so I grabbed two of these lowball tumblers to try with my mixed drinks. So yes, like others have mentioned, these are larger than a lowball glass. Would I like them a little smaller? Sure, but the size increase comes with the territory when you want a layer of insulation. I only use these at home and I wasn't sure what to do with the lids that I never use. That is until I was making mixed drinks and realized I didn't have to dirty up my drink shaker. I just throw the ingredients in the lowball, add ice, slap the lid on, shake, remove lid and serve. Repeat if desired. Some cocktails are just better shaken (not stirred) and now these tumblers are my new favorite bar accessory. Ordering a bunch more for myself and gifts once the different colors are back in stock. I seriously love these things.
| 10/21/2020


I ordered a dozen to take to a family reunion as a remembrance of the get together. They were a really big hit. Everyone was pleased with how they kept drinks cold and how nice they looked
| 10/15/2020


I love this for camping. It is great for my coffee in the morning and then my cocktail by the fire at night.
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