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| 06/26/2021

Must have

This is my go to beer drinking cup. Perfect for keeping beer nice and cold!
| 06/25/2021

Perfect Coffee Tumbler

I got the Tumbler in Coral. First of all, I get compliments everywhere I go. Perfect size for coffee on the go, and it fits in my car's cup holder. Love it.
| 06/21/2021

16 oz tumbler

Holds a lot more tea and keeps it hotter than my previous tumbler Love the tumbler and will order from this company again.
| 06/21/2021


Very nice tumbler, I like it
| 06/20/2021

Like but those lids…

Bought 4 of these four months ago. We hand wash both the tumblers and lids. They do a great job keeping beverages hot or cold. Unfortunately, the lids started cracking and one split all the way through. The only thing I can think of that would cause it is the hot liquids (temp fluctuations). Now I need four more lids to replace. :(
| 06/19/2021


Would love to see your 10oz tumblers back.. they are just the right size for certain cup holders in vehicles especially on the boat!!
| 06/19/2021


Great product but ice cubes melt too fast for me thought it would last longer!
| 06/16/2021

Husband loves it

Husband keeps it at work so when he buys coffee it stays hot.
| 04/02/2021


We have two of these in my house and we rotate through lids. The cups keep liquids hot for a long time and don't leak. They've been dropped off of trucks onto concrete and kicked a few times and just keep on working. Well built and worth every penny. I wouldn't go anywhere else for my future travel mugs and water jugs.
| 03/30/2021
| 03/28/2021

Love this product

I have several of RTIC products and have loved all of them. This particular tumbler has been everything I've wanted, the color is amazing (pink), my coffee stays hot for hours- I usually finish drinking it in 2 hrs, though. I have similar feedback about the gasket on the lid, it slips out of place and I find myself adjusting it a few times per week. Also, this is not feedback about the product, it was all human error, my daughter swept her arm to grab something off the counter and knocked this tumbler down to the ground, it still looks fantastic, the lid didn't break- but unfortunately now the cup rattles with what I can only guess is the inside double wall having cracked/broken. I'm on the page to see about buying a replacement because I miss my mug!
| 03/26/2021
I love my 16 oz. tumbler! The color and quality were just what I was looking for! Great product!
| 03/19/2021

16 oz Tumbler

I purchased this to keep my coffee hot. It's not that good for that. But i did put an iced beverage in it and it was still cold with some ice the next morning.
| 01/08/2021

The Best

Love all the cups & tumblers I’ve purchased. Great product, keeps my drink cold or hot at all times. Colors are on point!!!
| 12/11/2020

16oz pint tumbler

I love your product. I use it on trips and here at home. I always recommend it to myfriends.
| 11/06/2020

Kamari camo glossy

Keeps coffee hot for hours. Love it! However, the lid doesn’t work well and came damaged.
| 10/23/2020

update on post

The pint tumbler is great it keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. The lid gasket goes out of the groove at times when you refill the tumbler other than that it's a great cup.
| 10/21/2020

Rewrite after having pint tumblers

I bought 10 in blue on sale. They are great but the lid gasket moves out of the groove at times refilling other than that they are great keeps drinks cold and hot
| 09/29/2020

Nice coffee mug!

I bought this to replace a banged up Thermos travel mug. Like I said on my previous review for the water bottle, I wasn't expecting much because of the price, but I was proven wrong. This is comparable to Thermos quality. The lid cover for the mouth opening was a bit tight (even strong husband had problems with it) so I called customer service to see if I could get a replacement. Their customer service was staffed with ACTUAL PEOPLE and the lid was FedExed to me free of charge! VERY IMPRESSED, YOU GUYS!!!
| 09/22/2020

perfect tumbler

I was looking for a tumbler and this one is perfect
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