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| 06/29/2021

20 OZ Travel Coffee Mug

I just called back after being hung up on. The customer service rep was so helpful. I would really like to credit her help and support. Just a reminder for all who buy the travel coffee mug. The 20 oz travel coffee mug have screw off lids.
| 06/28/2021

Question on lid

Is this screw on lid for 20oz mug 3 inch wide
| 06/15/2021

***Other Reviews***

I am going into my 3rd year with my travel mug. I just recently broke the lid by using the flip portion of the lid as a thumb hold for opening and closing. While here to buy new lids... I decided to read the other reviews. I am completely floored with some on these folks giving a bad review because they dropped it and RTIC would not replace it. Or another over tightened theirs and broke the threads off. Look I have had RTIC products for around 6 years and I have nothing bad to say abut any of it. Matter f fact their products are so good that I own at least 2 of each item. I have 2 travel mugs, 6 tumblers with 8 lids, 2 hard coolers, and 2 soft coolers, and the food containers. EVERYTHING IS TOP QUALITY! Don't listen to the people that want something for free! Good Day Y'all!
| 03/31/2021

I'm Happy

I bought a new lid because I left my cup on the car roof and drove away. The lid cover broke but my cup is fine! I bought the left hand lid for my daughter and she is very happy, too! I love how cold things stay in the RTIC cups.
| 03/20/2021

Great to use

So glad this was available to buy. Keeps my coffee secure.
| 02/21/2021

Screw on lid

Have had my mug with screw on lid about 2 months & a section of the threads on the lid broke..never abused or dropped. Also hard to drink out of with the flip top. How about a magnetic closure?
| 02/14/2021

Right Hand Lid

Great quality product, original lasted about 2 yrs. for me. Flip top finally broke at the hinge spot because I use it for gripping the cover, to turn it on and off. Replacement covers are very reasonably priced. I just wish there was a little more grip, for taking off the cover.
| 01/22/2021


Nice replacement lid and nice price.
| 01/14/2021


I loved my RTIC mug until the lid broke. I admit I dropped the lid during a refill. A fall from about 3 feet is all it took to break the lid. I'm incredibly bummed as I've only had the mug for about 3 weeks. I'm also surprised at how weak the lid is to break from such a small fall. I sought assistance from RTIC and they were surprisingly rigid. I would have hoped they would have helped me out from a break from such a short height, and having it for such a short time. Far too short for wear and tear to play into the reasons for the break. I'm thinking my next mug will be from a manufacturer who makes stronger lids, because accidents do happen.
| 12/08/2020
I have 2 of these mugs both with right hand lids and LOVE them. I look forward the to left hand lids being back in stock so I can buy them for my cups.
| 10/20/2020

Great idea!

I love having the option of both left-handed and right-handed lids. I am left handed and use both options, depending on what I am doing while drinking coffee. How about marking the lids so they look a little different, so it is easy to tell them apart? That way I will always grab the one I want.
| 10/16/2020
Great lid I ordered a left handed one should have ordered a right but my mistake no worry still works great
| 09/18/2020

Perfect gift!

I bought a travel coffee mug and a left handed lid for a gift for a friend. She loves it! She said it was so nice to have a lid made for left handed people!
| 09/18/2020

It works

Finally tops for righties and lefties...
| 09/13/2020


Love my new perfectly in my car. And the handle is just right!! Ordered the left hand Lid by mistake ...will order the right hand lid!
| 09/11/2020

Research Scientist

My husband was very happy with the lids being a lefty.
| 08/17/2020

Left handed lid

I love my left handed lid! It's the little things...Well, speaking to any left hand person, it is wonderful when things are made for us. My only compliant, is that we have to pay extra amount for it.
| 07/21/2020

Right lid!!

I purchased the left handed lid because the one that comes with it is for right handed people. If you are left handed, this lid is a must have.
| 07/18/2020

Great fit

Great fitting lid and easy to use w/a straw as well. A+++
| 06/25/2020


Y'all are fast! Thank you.
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