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| 04/04/2021


I ordered them on a whim, I am so glad I did!
| 02/10/2021

Metal straws

My daughter likes your draws because she uses them for smoothies and she can reuse them.
| 01/21/2021

Forget those bendable breakable plastic straws

Not only are plastic straws not recyclable yet, they bend and break in the middle or aren't tall enough. These straws are reusable, strong, and are tall enough. We love them.
| 01/16/2021


The straws get SOOO cold if you have a cold drink! My husband doesn’t mind them because he doesn’t put ice in his water. But I went back to my old silicone ones.
| 01/10/2021


I loved the straws when I saw them. I finally talked my dad into using them.. only to find they don’t even fit in the cup hole of the tumblers I bought us. Weird they sell straws that don’t fit the product.
| 12/21/2020

old straws MUCH better than the the new ones

Let me start by saying I know they say not to put them in the dishwasher. That said, the old straws hold up perfectly after using and running through the dishwasher. The new ones get bent like crazy after running out of the dishwasher, makes them unusable. Bring back the old straws (the ones without the bulge ring!).
| 12/10/2020


| 12/06/2020

Awesome Products

I have been pleased with all RTIC products I have purchased and I appreciate the lower price.
| 12/05/2020
Awesome straws stainless cups handles. Quick delivery love them
| 11/08/2020

Good product.

I have a small collection of these straws. They are a good option for anything you want a straw for.
| 11/05/2020

Straws for tumbler

These are great straws but I wish they came in straight straws too. That’s why I rated it a 4.
| 11/02/2020


| 10/25/2020

Very nice

Love the mug and straw but would be nice if the straw was flexible but still awesome
| 10/15/2020


Great quality, durable, flip top lid keeps your drink inside the cup even when I knock it off the tailgate!!
| 10/14/2020


LOVE THEM! I can't believe I have never ordered them before!
| 10/13/2020


Love the straws
| 09/05/2020

Stainless steel straws

I had to invest in this pruduct already. I mean why don't we all do our own part in trying to help in reducing plastic waste. I enjoy the larger then your normal size straw opening. At the same time, it's the one part my wife doesn't enjoy. So in all I give it really a 4 1/2 star rating because of my wife's little complaint. I do recommend to purchase if you haven't already.
| 09/04/2020

The Best

Please be sure to pick these up for all your sanitary straw needs. Reusable and durable!
| 08/22/2020


I just impressed with the low prices and high quality
| 08/13/2020


What a awesome product well built love the new color and design highly recommended great price
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