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| 04/01/2021

Lids don’t fit

I ordered lids for my 2 -30 oz tumblers and the are too big. I have many of your tumblers and this is the first time I have had a problem at all Please let me know what I should do to get the right tops.
| 03/29/2021
Lid fits perfectly on my old tumbler. Now I have one for in the house and one for work. The travel mug works perfectly for my coffee in the morning.
| 03/25/2021

Seal on top broke

It was putting the lid on my 40 oz tumbler and the black rubber seal broke
| 03/23/2021

16 oz lid

I been looking for 16 oz lids for more than two years I could never find any . Can your company try to sale some 16 oz lids for me. Please
| 03/17/2021
Every time I order every thing has worked great and every thing I ordered has also. I have ordered a King Disc which I love. A 65 ice chest and several mugs and coffee cups. Every thing has been perfect. Thank y’all.
| 03/17/2021

Smashed lid

These replacements fit the 20oz mugs perfectly since I smashed the lid that came with it.
| 03/08/2021


I have 2 40 oz cups I need lids ASAP
| 02/24/2021

Leaking lids

I purchased two tumblers and two lids awhile ago and I love the tumblers but the lids are so hard to get on and off and then they leak at the spout. Really irratating. I'm going to try two more lids to see if they are any better.
| 02/22/2021

Great additions

We have quite a few RTIC bottles and tumblers.. Added some of the different tops.. They work great...
| 02/21/2021

On the Road Again

We got our new lids for our Tumblers and they fit great.😀 We have several tumblers that are used every day and they take lots of wear and tear. They get dropped. Thx for the new lids.
| 02/21/2021

Need lids

Have 4 40oz tumblers along w ice packs and day cooler one old style and three new styles and I'm down to one lid please get us some lids sounds like a lot of loyal customers on this review board
| 02/16/2021

Wrong size

The lid was too large for my 16oz tumbler
| 02/15/2021


I ordered replacement lids which are perfect but I also need a lid for my older RTIC 30 ounce. How do I get one? Thanks
| 02/14/2021

30 Oz lid

Ordered replacement. Received. Doesn't fit, a little too large .
| 02/11/2021


Love my 40 tumbler. Still waiting on lids. Tried to submit a request to get notified when they are back in stock. Will not take my email. Tired 3 different ones and they say it’s invalid.
| 02/10/2021

If only you had 40oz lids

I purchased these as a gift for my staff and they LOVE them. I only wish you had the 40 oz lids. Please get them back in stock!!!!
| 02/03/2021


I was disappointed with my top for my tumbler. The rubber ring keeps slipping therefore when drinking, it spills out. I have had lid covers before that were great! Maybe this is just a bad one but nevertheless, I’m disappointed!
| 02/03/2021


I have several RTIC tumblers/ lids and ice packs. I have been very pleased with all until I had to order a replacement for my 20 oz tumbler lid. The replacement rubber ring has slid to where it doesn’t fasten to the tumbler correctly, therefore spilling contents. I fix it and shortly thereafter slips again. Very dissatisfied!
| 02/01/2021

40 OZ Lid

I think it is a shame that you cannot seem to get replacement lids for the 40 OZ - I loved my tumbler until the lid broke and now I can't use it - it's been over 6 months now....
| 01/28/2021


I use my 40 oz tumbler everyday. I have three 40 oz tumblers that I need the new flat tops for.
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