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| 10/15/2021


| 10/15/2021


Got the cooler, cleaned it out put ice packs in freezer. Loaded it up the day before my trip, 6 pound block of dry ice and the divider supplied with 6 medium ice packs and meat for a 5 day trip. Came home and unloaded cooler next day. Everything left in cooler was still cold most of the ice packs still had ice in them. Even kept ice cream frozen for first 2 days on top of the dry ice. I used no regular ice. Will try that later
| 10/14/2021

Great Cooler

Awesome cooler and delivers as described. Highly recommend this cooler for it's lighter weight without giving up the ability to store cold beverages/food for days. Love the divider (freezer pak) and the basket. Highly recommend the Ultra-Light cooler.
| 10/14/2021

Buy this because…. But I don’t like…

Buy this cooler because for the size vs. cost. It is the best cooler in that ranger for that price that the market has or will have. Unless they lower the price somehow it can’t be beaten. The lid and hinges. Bulletproof. The drain plug bulletproof. Comes with a divider and basket. Genius. Holds ice for days. Amazing. I don’t like the rubber feet because they don’t slide across surfaces like in the back of a car. But you know what. It’s made to be that way so It don’t slide. Load the cooler closer to the back. Duh.
| 10/13/2021

Great cooler

Went to Louisiana On a red fish bow fishing trip. The cooler worked perfectly did not have to add any ice. We were opening and closing the coolet the whole time For 3 days, Very pleased with my purchase.
| 10/13/2021

Best for the buck

I received my first cooler from ARTIC and I’m loving what I see so far. Keeps Ice for double the time fishing . Look forward to getting the soft bag next
| 10/13/2021

Great Cooler!

We camp 2wks-3wks at a time, one ice add in a two week period......priceless!
| 10/12/2021

Rtic 52

One of the best coolers in performance and price
| 10/11/2021

Super Impressed

We have several named coolers. By far this is my Favorite. The quality, price, and craftsmanship is amazing. We use this for hunting. We pack Friday afternoon and on Tuesday we still have ice. We live in Florida. So happy with this cooler and the ability to keep your beverages cold.
| 10/11/2021

Best Weight to Performance

As far as weight, performance and even price, this ice chest is THE ice chest of all ice chests. I stand on it on the bow of my boat to sight fish reds and I'm not a small guy. I've had it for a year now and it stays outside and it's still in nearly perfect shape. I highly recommend.
| 10/11/2021

Hands Down ... the Best ....

I ordered the 52 Qt Ultra-Light Hard Cooler, Dark Grey & Cool Grey on Friday October 8th and it was delivered to my home in Benson, AZ Monday October 11th (Columbus Day). The packaging was very good. The cooler was in a sturdy cardboard box, inside there were 8 corner styrofoam pieces on the top & bottom corners and the cooler was in a plastic bag. There was not a blemish anywhere on it. The quality of the build, materials and colors are excellent. The included wire basket is sturdy with no sharp corners and the divider gel pack is as sturdy as the cooler. I bought this to use at camp sites when we take our RV Travel Trailer out. I haven't used it yet but I am 100% confident it will work out just fine. Get one. Thanks RTIC !!
| 10/10/2021

Best cooler

Beat cooler I’ve ever owned, well worth the money. The coffee mugs are nice to, good for camping.
| 10/09/2021

RTIC Cooler

I bought the ultra light hard cooler in blue/gray for my daughter for a housewarming gift to keep the beer and drinks cold during summer parties. She loves the size and color! Super light when it’s empty and easy to store away.
| 10/06/2021


Bought this during the first round of production. Have had it for almost a year now and honestly it's become my good to cooler in this size category. The basket, and middle divider/ice pack are a great touch and I actually use them. I wish there was a cushion option for this cooler, and still holding faith it will happen. Other then that, its phenomenal. Buy it
| 10/06/2021

I LOVE MY Ultralight

RTIC made a great product even better. I love their Hard Cooler but am over the moon with the design and capabilities of the Ultralight! I really like how they took most of the attributes of their hardsided cooler and slimmed it down in the Ultralight. I also like the size as the 45 was too small and the 65 too big. The cooler is going to sit primarily in my truck for use in grocery shopping since we usually make several stops for the week in just one day and I cant wait to see it's performance in daily use compared to ultimately when we go on day vs multi day trips. One more thing that I like about the ultra light is most of the accessories you want such as the basket and divider or need come bundled in the price.
| 10/06/2021


So in love with this cooler!! Overly impressed with the quality and features. Well worth the money!
| 10/06/2021

Great Cooler really well built

I recieved my cooler just in time for my family trip to the beach. Cooler kept all food a drinks cold all day still had ice in it after 10 hours at the beach in the sun all day. The divider and basket that are provided are really handy. Cooler is light but feels really rugged a good combo especially if the cooler needs to be carried a somewhat longer distance.
| 10/05/2021

Great size, excellent temp maintenance

This cooler is the perfect size for my needs. Occasional car camping, teen sports team ice runner, general party cooler. I originally bought another brand in a 70qt and found the cooler was just too big. Ordered the RTIC 52 Ultra Light and found it to be great. Keeps ice for a long while, light weight, and just big enough without being oversized.
| 10/04/2021

Works well!

Used it for a quick trip in 90+ heat and the food did not spoil. If I took the time to properly pre-chill the cooler, I am sure the ice would have melted less. All in all, did better than other coolers I own!
| 10/04/2021

Great cooler!

I gave the cooler a good test last week when I filled it full of ice on Wednesday morning. I closed it and left it in my garage until Friday night when I opened it. I was pleasantly surprised to see how little melting occurred. I used about 75% of the ice and left the remaining 25% in the cooler. I checked it Sunday early evening and most of that ice was still in the cooler. I really like the lighter weight of the cooler too. So far I am very pleased with it.
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