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| 04/02/2021

You won’t go wrong

Great cooler I have the biggest one they make but it’s just too big sometimes so I got this and we are so happy with it. Average size amazing for camping, beers by the fire, and for anything you could imagine. Amazing love it thanks for the superior products!
| 04/01/2021

Great Purchase

I went back and forth on this one and so happy I got it. This thing rocks. Perfect for my weekend getaway in the woods!
| 03/31/2021

Everything you would expect

This cooler is light, holds ice for days, and looks great!
| 03/27/2021

It's Great

This is a cooler - this cooler cools food ; ) Seriously though, this RTIC cooler is a great purchase for what we need. We travel in our camper van for 3-7 day trips and this light weight cooler does exactly what it says it does and for that accuracy, we LOVE it! Our refrigerator stopped cooling and I had to move all contents to the RTIC cooler and it was such a food-saver. So, in the van or in the kitchen, this cooler is great. I like the divider and the basket. We put stickers all over it and also love that the cooler acts as a bench seat < fantastic product all around.
| 03/27/2021

Awesome Ice Chest

We are extremely happy with our purchase! Very much worth the money!!
| 03/24/2021


I love this cooler. Keeps ice as well as my other RTIC coolers and is way lighter!!
| 03/23/2021

High end for a good price

I've owned a purchased several coolers for camping and was always disappointed, but hesitant to pay so much for others promising good things, until I came across Rtic. Absolutely satisfied with the performance and no regrets, and all for a fair price.
| 03/22/2021


This cooler is great. It really stays cool for days!
| 03/19/2021

Ultra light hard cooler

I got this cooler fir 146$ on sale! This cooler keeps ice for a week and fits all the drinks and lunches I need for a full day. Super impressed with this cooler , it was a steal !
| 03/19/2021

Really holds ice

Filled up my 52 with drinks and ice last Friday for a trip to N.C. it still has Ice and drinks in it and it is the next Friday.
| 03/18/2021


Love the cooler and great customer service! Thank you
| 03/16/2021

Incredible Performance, Incredible Quality, Incredible Price

Ordered this guy a few weeks back. Shipped the same day I ordered, delivered to my door in three days. Right out of the box, quality is fantastic. Seams and gaskets are very clean, has a good heft to it without being too heavy. Took it on a 3 day trip to Joshua Tree with only 2 bags of ice inside as well as the frozen divider. By the time we arrived back home from the trip, the ice hadn't even begun to melt. Was able to stick both bags of ice back in the freezer and use them for making drinks at home. Very happy with the purchase, and even happier with the price. Can't believe some companies are charging 2x or even 3x the price for the same product. Will be buying more from RTIC, just hope the product line keeps growing!
| 03/16/2021

Great cooler

I bought this cooler for boating. Worked great didn't move around at all. Would definitely recommend. Put ice in on Friday still has ice on Tuesday.
| 03/15/2021

Best cooler

I perched mine in December and did not get to use it befor my house fought on fire the cooler was in the kitchen and the fire was all around it. The top melted a little bit but not much I would buy it again it held up great
| 03/12/2021

Great cooler

This is such a great cooler. Super light and still light even with stuff packed in it.
| 03/09/2021

Good cooler but...

Cooler works as like a cooler should. Seems heavy duty and built to last. Haven't done ice test yet but will soon. If your used to having a extra sticker/decal in the box you won't get it with this purchase. Exact words from rtic.. "I'm sorry we have no extra stickers to send out."
| 03/08/2021

Great cooler

I am glad I bought this cooler. I paid way less than other brands are and this is a very nice cooler. I would buy RTIC again!
| 03/07/2021

RTIC 52 Quart Ultra-Light Hard Cooler

This size cooler is perfect for weekend trips and it fits great in the boat and the camper!
| 03/06/2021

Great cooler

I recent had a house fire and my cooler was in the house we lost everything. But I must say this cooler held up in all the heat. I had some drinks in the cooler and they were still cold. I know this is not the type of review people want to hear but I will this is a well built cooler I will never pay for another cooler from another company I will all ways buy from rtic thank your makeing a great cooler
| 03/06/2021

Not shure

Purchased the 52 on 12-15-20 still waiting on product i have a 20, 45 ,65 love them all but really kinda disappointed on this deal so far.
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