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| 06/30/2021

Another great RTIC product!

I've been using the RTIC 45 quart hard cooler for a couple years now and it has been great....but you're always longing for more space. This 52 quart is awesome because it's just a little bit bigger on the outside but those extra couple inches in the interior length, width, and height make a huge difference. And it's lighter than the 45! And it came with the divider and the little basket! Now the 45 is purely for ice poured over cans & bottles and the 52 is for food and bagged ice. Can't beat the price either. RTIC rocks.
| 06/30/2021


Bought for beach vacation have used everyday and haven’t even went on vacation yet. Keeps adult beverages on ice for days. Left in back of pickup truck under bed cover. Cooler was so hot you couldn’t even touch opened up and still had ice covered beer
| 06/30/2021

Holds ice well

I just bought the lightweight 52 for a camping trip. I put ice in on Thursday night and it is just now about melted on Wednesday. It's been in my hot car for a couple of them and the cans are still ice cold. I'm impressed.
| 06/30/2021


The decreased weight does not mean a decreased capability to keep things cold! We love the removable divider and tray it comes with and the size is perfect.
| 06/30/2021

Best Cooler

I bought one for my husband and I in January. It’s been great, keeps ice even when in a hot car all day, very sturdy, and the price you can’t beat. I recently got one for my dad for Father’s Day. It wasn’t supposed to ship till July 7, but it came on June 22! Super fast shopping with our cooler to. Couldn’t be happier!
| 06/29/2021

Perfect Buying Experience

This cooler seems lighter than a previous one that I purchased that is the same size. Comes with the center divider and the color is very cool. Very happy with the buying experience.
| 06/29/2021

Great Cooler

Perfect size and especially the weight. Always working to reduce any weight possible in the boat and this cooler will definitely help. Also it’s easy to move out and use in other locations.
| 06/29/2021

Best cooler

I have bought coolers in the past and this one is the best by far. We took it on a family trip to keep in our hotel room and although the ice did start to melt after 4 days everything was cold. We drained the cooler and refilled with more ice. Love the lightness of it. I will definitely recommend this to everyone I know. I might have to get the small travel cooler next ;)
| 06/29/2021

Nice Cooler

Received this for Fathers Day . It’s a really good cooler kept ice all week long.
| 06/29/2021

So far so good

We had it for a weekend and so far the ice chest kept ice for 3 solid days, at temperatures near 90.
| 06/29/2021

Good cooler so far

Filled cooler with ice and beer, on day 2 without a whole lot of opening and close but cooler still has 3/4 of the ice and cold beer. Last 2 days have been over 100 degrees.
| 06/29/2021

Great Cooler, Please make an 80qt!

Great cooler, wish you made an 80qt size!
| 06/28/2021

Fantastic cooler!

After a bit of research and reading many reviews, I bought this cooler for my husband as a Father's Day present and he was pleasantly surprised. We just took it on a camping trip and it exceeded our expectations. We our very happy with our RTIC cooler!
| 06/28/2021

RTIC 52 Quart Ultra-Light Hard Cooler

Tried out this cooler on a long weekend. Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday. We had ice for 5 days. Its Monday evening and we still have ice. This is a great cooler.
| 06/27/2021

Everything I expected

Received my cooler a week or so sooner than expected. Yay! It is exactly as advertised. Beautiful blue and ready to be used. Haven’t had opportunity to use it yet but will be taking a week long car trip in a couple of weeks. Can’t wait.
| 06/25/2021

Quality Construction

I have yet to use the cooler, but I was impressed with the speedy delivery when it was thought to be back ordered by over a month. The product appears to be constructed of quality materials. Looking forward to using it later this summer.
| 06/25/2021

Perfect for Camping

We used this over a four day period of time outdoors camping . Temps were in 70s with one day in 80s. We kept it in shade with wool blanket covering top. It was as cold fourth day as it was first day. Very impressed. I have no doubt it’ll hold up in warmer weather as well.
| 06/24/2021

Great cooler just wish there were some accessories

I love this cooler. I actually just bought one for my father, because he like mine so much. My only complaint is the lack of accessories you can buy for it, like an extra basket or the cushion for the top that is available for the other hard coolers.
| 06/23/2021

Boat Cooler

I’m using this cooler on a boat. Excellent capacity and holds ice the entire weekend!
| 06/23/2021

Last Cooler I'll Ever Need

Barring a natural disaster, I probably wont need another cooler. Took this out on a hiking trip the other week. 1 bag of ice (10lb) lasted 3 days. And even then, the water was ice cold
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