RTIC 65, White Image
RTIC 65, White Image
RTIC 65, White Image
RTIC 65, White Image
RTIC 65, White Image
RTIC 65, White Image
RTIC 65, White Image
RTIC 65, White Image
RTIC 65, White Thumnail RTIC 65, White Thumnail RTIC 65, White Thumnail RTIC 65, White Thumnail RTIC 65, White Thumnail RTIC 65, White Thumnail RTIC 65, White Thumnail RTIC 65, White Thumnail

RTIC 65, White

1253 Reviews

The best large cooler available on the market. Makes an ideal marine, hunting or camping cooler. Still small enough for one person to carry. Keep your drinks, food, and meat cold on that long camping trip. Holds up to 64 cans plus ice.

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The best large cooler available on the market. Makes an ideal marine, hunting or camping cooler. Still small enough for one person to carry. Keep your drinks, food, and meat cold on that long camping trip. Holds up to 64 cans plus ice.

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RTIC 65, White Dimensions

Empty Weight: 36.5 lbs

  • 12oz Can Drawing64 cans
  • Snowflake Drawing70 lb of ice
  • Water Faucet Drawing65 qts. of H20
  • Gallong Jug Drawing16.25 gals. of H2O
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  • Keeps Ice Up To 10 Days Like a portable freezer
  • Rotomolded Construction Virtually Indestructible
  • Heavy Duty Rubber T-Latches Smooth trouble-free closure
  • Molded Tie-Down Slots Keeps your cooler anchored
  • Bear Resistant Designed to keep bears out
  • Rapid V-Drain System Allows quick draining
  • Traction Lid Can be used as a casting platform
  • Heavy Duty Rope Handles Marine-grade ropes & textured grips
  • Cool-Lift Design Lifts cooler above the hot surface
  • Integrated Locking System Keep your contents safe
  • Non-Slip Feet Keeps your cooler in place
  • Freezer Style Lid Gasket Provides a tight seal
  • Molded-In Side Handles Unbreakable, easy lifting
  • Up to 3" Insulated WallsCommercial grade insulating foam
  • No Sweat Exterior The outside stays dry
  • Easy Lift Lid Handle Allows quick & easy access
  • No Fail Hinges Full length interlocking hinges
  • Easy-Flow Drain SpoutLets the water out, keeps ice in
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Ratings & Reviews


Based on 1253 Reviews

| 05/07/2020


I love RTIC coolers could you guy make some seat cushions for the tops of the hard coolers or custom sea deck pads
| 05/06/2020

Melted the Cooler, Not the Ice

I was traveling down to Rocky Point, Mexico for a week-long vacation with family and I need a little extra room in my truck to get all of our stuff down south. I picked up one of those receiver hitch cargo carries used and thought it would be the perfect solution. Unfortunately I failed to account for the rear exit exhaust on my truck. Heading down south I placed the RTIC 45 on the cargo rack and it was the perfect fit, made it all the way down with no issues. However, on our return trip we were slowed at the border in a line for a couple hours, when I got back into the states and stopped for fuel I discovered the outer shell of my RTIC pretty melted from the exhaust. The damage to the cooler was pretty intense, revealing the inner foam layer. Thinking back on it I definitely should not have packed the cooler within inches of the exhaust, I learned the hard way that it gets pretty hot back there. The craziest part of the entire trip was once I got home after driving through the Arizona desert and melting the outer shell with my poorly chosen cooler placement, I still had ice. Melted the cooler, not the ice. Best set of coolers out there!
| 05/05/2020

Great cooler!

This is a great quality cooler at a good price point the only small complaint I have is that I can’t get it to hold Ice on the boat when the sun is on the cooler more than 2 days! Would buy again!
| 04/26/2020

Better than competitors

I’ve had two identical coolers of the competing brand, never held Ice how advertised. I use my 45 on the back of my Can-Am, right over the exhaust, it keeps drinks cold longer than the other guys. Great accessories to keep her held down on rougher than most trails as well.
| 04/25/2020

Keeps our bulk meat purchases cold

We purchased an RTIC 110 cooler to transport our large bulk meat purchases cold during the trip back from CO. It works GREAT. It does exactly what we wanted, for a reasonable price. We've also used it just for groceries on long trips from our house to town in the summer to keep the cold foods from thawing or warming and it always works for that too. It keeps our groceries cool or frozen, it's indestructible, and fits really neatly in the back of our SUV. It IS quite large and, fully-loaded, is quite a handful to pick up and move around, but, we already knew that. We liked this cooler so much, we continued to collect a variety of RTIC products since we purchased it and have never been disappointed.
| 04/18/2020

Everything cooler!

I've had my 45 RTIC cooler for 4 years and it has never failed me. From hunts bring back meat to fishing all weekend in the hot sun or just to have ice on a weekend at the lake. These coolers are the best for the money, not they are the best. I have a yeti and I buy the RTICs. I try and get them on sell and have no problem paying that price. Just got my second 65 this week. I'm with everyone else on have wheels on the bigger coolers. That's why I didn't get a 110. Drink beer out of the coolers all wknd and never add any ice. Love them!!!
| 04/17/2020


I love the RTIC 65 cooler. However, I have just one point to disagree on - the "Keeps Ice for 10 Days". I have used this cooler both on camping trips as well as indoors and the ice NEVER lasts that long - 3 days tops. So someone please tell me how to keep ice that long. Otherwise, this is the best cooler we've ever had. Love it in spite of the lack of keeping ice for as long as advertised. And would buy it again.
| 04/16/2020

65 is awesome

My little brother bought my dad and me a 65 cooler each a few years back. This cooler has been in the back of my truck ever since. It has been used for work, family events, fishing with the fam, and every possible reason you would need to have a cooler for. I can’t complain either. This thing is tough as nails!!! Wouldn’t hesitate to buy another or recommend to someone to buy.
| 04/12/2020
I love my RTIC coolers. I have a 20 and 65. Both keep ice for days and have been on a bunch of hunting and fishing trips. My only issue is the 65 has leaked water from the plug since day 1. I’d love to get a new plug or find some type of fix for this. Otherwise no complaints and I’ll definitely be buying 110 for my next trip.
| 04/11/2020

Rtic 110

We just bought the rtic 110 and we love it we can’t wait to buy more products from rtic
| 04/08/2020

Road / camping trip with the RTIC- 20

I took my RTIC-20 on a month long, solo, cross-country road and camping trip last Fall. I was amazed by its durability (and mine) to have survived my truck getting demolished from rolling three times and it remained pristine, to that, I only had to buy cubed ice for it about every four days. This was great as I was in some pretty remote areas, without access to get more provisions nearby. It kept my perishable items fresh. I'm looking forward to more adventures (sans any wrecks) in the years to come, with my little white 20. I chose white for its reflective quality, figuring it would keep things cooler longer.
| 04/06/2020

Great Versatile Cooler

This is our 3rd Rtic cooler and probably the most versatile of the 3. We have a white 110 on our boat, a tan 45 that is for my hunting cabin, and the blue 20 for day trips. The blue is my wife's favorite color and it is perfect for little day trips and even overnight stays. I am addicted to Rtic and they keep producing quality products to feed my addiction!
| 04/04/2020

Buy this cooler

This cooler is super good the quality is very good. My 65Qt cooler is great happy I bought it. Would definitely buy this product. Also they have great shipping very fast...
| 03/27/2020

Sight Fishing

We carry our RTIC 45 on the boat. We often use it as a platform for sight fishing Redfish in the Louisiana marsh. My son and I are 235 and 270 lbs. Great cooler. I used to use the other guys till they bailed on the NRA. RTIC is equal to or better than them.
| 03/23/2020

Cooler. Cooler everywhere

I am a volunteer and I have tried most coolers out there. For the money RTIC is my choice for value and dependability. Never failed me and always performs like brand new. My problem is someone decided with the virus they needed my cooler more than me. I was going to use to transfer my food for the night for my new fridge I ordered. So now scrambling to find on big enough for my stuff. HELP RTIC please.
| 03/18/2020
Just got my Rtic 20 cooler!! Rtic shipped it as soon as I ordered!! It look perfect !! I own own 4 Rtic tumblers and now this!! I will not own any other brand!! Thanks Rtic for the great products and fast shipping. I tell everyone to buy Rtic over any other brand!!
| 03/01/2020


From the largest cooler to my coffee mug. Nothing I have owned has ever been as good as the rctic products. I highly recommend them to anyone
| 02/20/2020


I added the RTIC 20 to my collection and it has performed flawlessly. I enjoy the ruggedness and quality of their products.
| 01/09/2020

Kept my meat cold

I was on a 5 day hunt in Laredo, TX. I was able to pack meat from 1 Whitetail Doe, 1 Whitetail Buck and a Javelina in my 65 and 45 with RTIC ice packs. I drove it in my RV from Laredo, TX to Phoenix, AZ in 3 days and kept my meat cold and fresh until I was able to pack it into my deep freezer. I put alot of trust in the RTIC products and they did not disappoint.
| 01/03/2020

65 lost plugs

Dude it still held ice for 10 day. I got nothing bad to say but they better send my some new plugs I own 4 of there coolers
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